A visit to Universo Ferrari

By Jared Solomon | on November 8, 2019

My first visit to the birthplace of Ferrari.

Many names have stood out since the beginning of the automobile, but no other demands as much adoration and praise as Ferrari. If we were to make a list of the most influential people of all time in the automotive world, the list wouldn’t be complete without the name Enzo Ferrari. It was the unbridled and fierce passion for motorsport that gave Enzo Ferrari his drive and determination to make Scuderia Ferrari the most dominant force in motorsport. 

In September this year, Scuderia Ferrari celebrated its 90th year of existence. Now, this may sound like a bit of an exaggeration, but, believe me, it’s not – without Scuderia Ferrari, motorsport as we know it today, and certainly Formula 1, would be very different. And, dare I say it, F1 would have much less allure. 

This month is all about celebration, because, at autoX, we’ve just completed 13 years of existence. So, it’s only fitting that we should celebrate another, a far more important milestone – 90 years of Ferrari! 

Ferrari takes the world’s passion for cars into a whole other dimension. The key to the enigmatic power and significance of Ferrari may very well be in its own universe, where speed, style, luxury, and sophistication mesh together to create an undying and never-ending cyclone of emotions for car enthusiasts.

Ferrari Fxx Evo Display

Universo Ferrari 
I don’t know whether it was a stroke of luck or some divine intervention, but Ferrari invited me to enter its unique universe and experience it first-hand, as they opened up the first-ever exhibition dedicated to the world of Ferrari at the holy grounds of Maranello. 

I’d heard tales of this magical land, and when I arrived, for the first time in my automotive journalism career, it felt as if I was in heaven designed especially for car enthusiasts. Considering that this was my first ever trip to visit the birthplace of Ferrari, it’s safe to say that it was probably the best moment to be here. 

Ferrari had created a special structure near the Fiorano circuit just for this special exhibition, and as I entered, it felt as if I was in a different ‘universe’, and it can’t just be a coincidence that the exhibition was called Universo Ferrari.

Universo Ferrari Formula One Car Display
Everything you could possibly imagine was on display. The exhibition started with a homage to Scuderia Ferrari’s 90th anniversary and to many iconic cars, such as the 250 GTO – an example of which changed hands in 2018 for the princely sum of $48 million (`370 crore). 

As I moved through different areas of the exhibit, I felt as if I was inside the dynamic mind of Enzo Ferrari, and I could feel his desire for perfection. There were plenty of beautiful cars around, from Ferrari’s Classiche division to its GT racing cars, and, of course, Scuderia Ferrari – the race team. 

It was a private viewing just for the media, and when we got to the end of the exhibit, Ferrari did something they’ve never done before – they launched two completely new models on the same day – the F8 Spyder and the F812 GTS. 

Universo Ferrari Exhibit

Universo Ferrari opened its doors to the public in the last two weeks of September, and there were many events planned throughout for fans, as well as private events for customers. By the time the exhibit was closed on October 1st, more than 14,000 fans from across the world had visited this unique exhibit and were able to experience the many facets of Ferrari. 

Universo Ferrari was perhaps one of the most unprecedented events in the history of Ferrari, and it demonstrates the marque’s commitment to continue being the flag bearer for passion, innovation, excellence, and perfection in the automotive world.   

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