Hyundai Venue Long Term Report: May 2020

By Kapil Vashist | on May 24, 2020

I think the COVID-19 crisis is something that has affected all of us directly. Handling the transition of being able to move around and go about your life normally for decades and then suddenly having to drop everything you viewed as normal and stick to a strict social distancing regime is no easy task.  

And I think one of the biggest factors that make you realise about how large the threat is when your liberty to move around is curtailed completely, unless there’s an emergency. Of course, with the administration moving to a home delivery method of ensuring everyone gets supplies, one of the things I miss now is my daily commute. Which, obviously means that the Venue has been safely parked in my underground parking lot, gathering dust. 

Of course, as advised by my colleagues, I go to the parking lot every few days to start the long-term Venue I currently drive, and move it around a few metres – to ensure the battery doesn’t lose all charge, and also the make sure the tyres don’t develop a flat spot due to the lack of driving. Also, I usually give the Venue a quick clean while I’m in the parking lot to make sure it’s paint work retains its shine. 

And here I discover a big advantage of the Venue, given that it’s a compact SUV, cleaning it doesn’t take too much time, and that is a big plus when you have to clean the car yourself regularly!  


When it came: November 2019

Current Odo reading: 12,547kms

Mileage this month: 995kms

Fuel efficiency: 13km/l

What’s good: Easy to clean

What’s not: Can’t drive it around

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I have new Hyundai Venue Car It's Very nice Car

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