Maruti Suzuki Brezza Long Term Report: August 2016

By Kapil Vashist | on August 3, 2016

New FE Champion

If one were to classify my normal driving style, even for the sake of argument, I’m hardly the person anyone would refer to as a ‘hot-shoe’. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like my burst of speed on the open road, but in my daily commute – struggling through peak-hour traffic – I prefer to take things easy and revel in my music rather than indulge in traffic light grand prix races. Even on long road trips with colleagues, I’m happy just cruising at an easy pace – unless I’m hungry, in which case I certainly put my foot to the pedal – and am happy to reach my destination a few minutes later than my colleagues, simply for the mental peace it affords me.


So, given my easy-going driving style, it wasn’t a real surprise that the Brezza has off late been delivering some stellar fuel efficiency figures. Now, I expected the car to be fairly fuel efficient since Maruti Suzuki as a manufacturer understands this aspect of the Indian customers’ mindset very well, but when the on-board display of the car displayed a shocking 20km/l as the latest FE figure, even I was taken for a surprise! More surprisingly, this was in stop-go urban traffic, but with my appetite for dazzling fuel efficiency figures truly whipped, I think a long road trip might be in order to see what kind of figures I can squeeze out of the Brezza over conditions with much less traffic.

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