F1: McLaren Plans Major Upgrades for MCL60 at Silverstone Grand Prix

Spanish Grand Prix, with its high-speed turns, could serve as a good test track for the McLaren MCL60. McLaren has always struggled to stay competitive in slow corners, but the team aims to make improvements in this area this summer.

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McLaren will begin the second phase of their MCL60’s multi-part upgrading plan for the 2023 season between the Austrian and British Grand Prix. This update will occur before the scheduled summer vacation deadline. Since their nearest opponent, Alpine, made significant progress in the constructor rankings during the Monaco weekend, McLaren's drivers and supporters will welcome the promptness of the updates. Alpine has more than twice McLaren's point total as Ocon finished third, moving to 35 points to McLaren's 17. Andrea Stella, in an effort to catch up, has revealed changes that are "competitive" and would make the vehicle "noticeably different" from the existing MCL60. In efforts to improve the team's competitiveness, McLaren has also announced that Rob Marshall, former of Red Bull, will join the Woking team as Technical Director, Engineering & Design beginning on January 1, 2024. Following James Key's resignation as Technical Director, the team announced that Marshall would be taking up the role of F1 Technical Executive, where he would work alongside Peter Prodromou and David Sanchez and report to Team Principal Andrea Stella. 

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F1 Spanish Grand Prix: McLaren In Spain

McLaren MCL60

With its high-speed bends, Spain should be a strong test track for the McLaren in its present configuration. McLaren has always had trouble keeping up in slow corners, but the team plans to address this weakness with changes this summer.

McLaren, like the other teams, will also be working hard to improve the MCL60's aerodynamic specifications. Late in the season, when McLaren hopes to be in a tight race with Alpine, they want to implement the last piece of their phased improvement programme.

F1: McLaren’s 2023 Season So Far

There is nothing about McLaren's 2023 season that is improving. Coming into the season, the Woking squad's expectations were rather low. The fans don't understand how they got themselves into this predicament, given the level of the drivers and the rest of the team members. 

Technical Director James Key resigned after McLaren's poor results in the first two races of 2023, and the team later admitted that they had failed to meet important development targets set for the offseason.

F1: Big Changes in Woking Squad


CEO Zak Brown and Team Principal Andrea Stella opted to split Technical Director duties among the three staff members after James Key resigned in March.

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McLaren was in danger of suddenly declining after years of gradual development. If they want to stem the haemorrhage and regain the lead, they will need to make major additions like Sanchez to boost their present talent and fight back to the front.

Another addition to the British team is Rob Marshall, who has spent the last seventeen years with Red Bull Racing and contributed significantly to Red Bull's debut victory, four consecutive double championships from 2010 to 2013, and their latest successes in 2021 and 2022.


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