JLR develops new contactless touchscreen technology

By Divyank Kushagra Bansal | on July 23, 2020

JLR's patented ‛predictive touch’ technology offers dual benefits of decreasing driver distraction and curbing the spread of germs in a post-COVID-19 world.

Jaguar Land Rover, in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, has developed a new 'contactless touchscreen' that uses the brand's patented ‛predictive touch’ technology to allow the driver and passengers to use the vehicle's command centre, for features like satellite navigation, air-conditioning, and the infotainment system, without taking their eyes off the road for too long. This system is also aimed at decreasing the spread of numerous bacteria and viruses, given that personal space and exceptional hygiene levels will be the top priority, in a post-COVID world. It's a part of JLR's 'Destination Zero' vision.

The ‛predictive touch’ technology uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to determine the spot (early on in the pointing process) where the driver intends to touch the screen. A gesture tracker then uses vision-based or radio frequency-based sensors, in conjunction with other sensors, such as an eye-gaze tracker, to speed up the process and infer the user’s intent in real-time. The system is even claimed to work when the vehicle is going over uneven or bad roads, i.e. even when the vehicle is shaking.

With on-road trials already underway, JLR claims the contactless touchscreen can help reduce a driver’s touchscreen interaction time and effort by up to 50%, while also limiting the spread of bacteria and viruses. Moreover, this software-based solution can be integrated into existing touchscreen systems or interactive displays, provided the necessary sensory data is available to support the AI algorithm.

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