Renault Morphoz EV Concept exhibits next-level adaptability

By Divyank Kushagra Bansal | on March 3, 2020

What makes the Renault Morphoz Concept significant is that it's much more than just a design study it offers a glimpse into Renault's future electric crossover and the all-new EV-specific platform it'll be based on.  

With its original debut plans set for the Geneva International Motor Show (which has been cancelled), the Renault Morphoz EV Concept has nonetheless been unveiled digitally. Built on an all-new electric modular platform called the CMF-EV (developed by the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance), the Morphoz EV's USP is that it can 'extend' its dimensions depending on the usage (the Morphoz name seems to have been derived from the car's ability to morph). By extend, we mean that it can physically alter its length depending on the selected mode. The two driving modes – City and Travel – even offer different driving ranges.

Renault Morphoz Rear Quarter Static

According to Renault, the CMF-EV platform's 'innovative architecture allows a long wheelbase, with wheels at the very corners of the vehicle, reduced overhangs, and a flat floor.' Naturally, all this translates into an opportunity for designers to enhance the aerodynamic efficiency, increase interior and boot space whilst providing a low centre of gravity for more sturdiness.

Renault Morphoz Suicide Style Doors

When used in City mode, the Morphoz Concept can deliver about 400km of driving range from its 40kWh battery pack, which Renault claims is sufficient for short-distance city driving. However, for covering longer distances, the Morphoz can be switched to Travel mode. In this mode, the Morphoz extends from the A-pillar and the rear in order to increase the overall length from 4,400mm to 4,800mm. This allows the wheelbase to extend by 200mm (2,930mm from 2,730mm), generating more space for passengers and luggage. The Travel mode also offers scope for the installation of an additional 50kWh battery pack, which can increase the driving range up to 700km. Irrespective of the mode, the Morphoz remains 2,000mm wide and 1,550mm tall.

Renault Morphoz Interior

Inside, the front passenger seat offers a swivel mechanism, allowing the front passenger to sit facing the rear passengers in 'Share' mode. Also, in Travel mode, the rear seats automatically slide back for the rear passengers to enjoy maximum legroom. 

The official press release of the Renault Morphoz Concept states that 'this futuristic vehicle represents Renault’s vision of personal, shareable electric mobility in the years beyond 2025.' Therefore, expect forthcoming EVs from Renault to draw heavily on the Morphoz Concept.

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