Toyota Glanza vs Maruti Baleno vs Hyundai i20 vs Tata Altroz vs Volkswagen Polo vs Honda Jazz: Spec Comparison

By Dhruv Paliwal | on March 15, 2022

Can the Glanza and the Baleno beat the Hyundai i20, Tata Altroz, Volkswagen Polo, and Honda Jazz in a straight-up on-paper battle?

The 2022 Toyota Glanza is here, and so is the 2022 Maruti Baleno. Both these cars were launched within a couple of weeks of each other – they share a lot in common after all. While the engine and gearbox are exactly the same in both cars, the design and feature set are more or less the same. So how do both these newly launched premium hatchbacks fare against their rivals in terms of dimensions, powertrain, and price?



Toyota Glanza/ Maruti Baleno

Hyundai i20

Tata Altroz

Volkswagen Polo

Honda Jazz

























Boot Space

318 litres

311 litres

345 litres

280 litres

354 litres

As you can see in the table above, the Hyundai i20 is the longest and widest and has the longest wheelbase in the lot. The Honda Jazz is the tallest and also has the most amount of boot space.

The Toyota Glanza and Maruti Baleno get a joint second place (with the Altroz) in length, third in width, fourth in height, and third in boot space.



Toyota Glanza/ Maruti Baleno

Hyundai i20

Tata Altroz

Volkswagen Polo

Honda Jazz


1197cc, 4-cylinder, NA

998cc, 3-cylinder, turbo

1199cc, 3-cylinder, turbo

999cc, 3-cylinder, turbo

1199cc, 4-cylinder, NA

Max Power

88bhp @ 6000rpm

118bhp @ 6000rpm

109bhp @ 5500rpm

108.5bhp @ 5000 – 5500rpm

89bhp @ 6000rpm

Peak Torque

113Nm @ 4400rpm

172Nm @ 1500 – 4000rpm

140Nm @ 1500 – 5500rpm

175Nm @ 1750 – 4000rpm

110Nm @ 4800rpm


5-speed MT/5-speed AMT

6-speed iMT/7-speed DCT

5-speed MT

6-speed MT/6-speed AT

5-speed MT/CVT

Fuel Efficiency

22.35 km/l (MT)/22.94 km/l (AMT)

20 km/l* (iMT)/20.23 km/l* (DCT)


18.24 km/l (MT)/16.47 km/l (AT)

17.1 km/l (MT)/16.6 km/l (CVT)

In the interest of keeping things simple, we have compared only the petrol powertrains here, with the most powerful engine. And the reason is simple  – only the Hyundai i20 and Tata Altroz get a diesel engine, and the point of this comparison is to find out which car has the better specs on paper.

We have picked the turbocharged petrol engine versions of the Hyundai i20, Tata Altroz, and Volkswagen Polo, although all three of these cars also get a naturally aspirated motor. The Glanza/Baleno and the Honda Jazz are only available with a naturally aspirated engine.

When it comes to power, the Hyundai i20 comes out on top, although the Volkswagen engine has the most torque. The Baleno and Glanza, on the other hand, get the last spot in terms of the power, although they do make slightly more torque than their only naturally aspirated rival in this comparison – the Honda Jazz.

The Glanza and Baleno, however, manage to claw back some advantage by being the most fuel-efficient in this comparison, with both manual and automatic transmissions.


Ex-showroom Prices

Toyota Glanza

Maruti Baleno

Hyundai i20

Tata Altroz

Volkswagen Polo

Honda Jazz

Price Range (petrol engines only)

Rs 6.39lakh – Rs 9.69 lakh

Rs 6.35 lakh – Rs 9.49 lakh

Rs 6.98 lakh – Rs 11.48 lakh

Rs 5.99 lakh – Rs 9.39 lakh

Rs 6.45 lakh – Rs 10.25 lakh

Rs 7.72 lakh – Rs 9.96 lakh

The Tata Altroz has the lowest-priced entry-level model, followed by the Maruti Baleno, which is followed by the Toyota Glanza. While they have the same specs, the Glanza and Baleno are priced a bit differently. The most expensive car, and by a margin, in this comparison is the Hyundai i20 (automatic).

For those looking at a two-pedal experience, Baleno is the least expensive automatic car here, followed by the Glanza. The least expensive automatic variants of the i20, Polo, and Jazz are priced almost similarly. The Altroz is not available with an automatic transmission, but Tata will launch a DCT option in the near future.

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