Global brands like Mercedes-Benz, VW & Audi create social distancing logos

Global brands, including automobile manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Audi, along with McDonald’s and sportswear brand Kappa have all designed specific social distancing logos to show their support for this movement.

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We are living in unprecedented times, as the world is virtually on lockdown. According to the World Health Organisation, the simplest and the most powerful way to stop the Coronavirus from spreading is social distancing, staying indoors, and avoiding any large gathering. Automobile manufacturers, like Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and Audi, and brands like McDonald’s and sportswear brand Kappa have designed specific social distancing logos to show their support for this movement. This is a creative way to educate people about social distancing and also show solidarity.


The Stuttgart-based luxury automobile giant has reduced the iconic three-pointed star’s size so that there is some distance between the star and the ring round it. In a message, Mercedes-Benz thanked everyone for keeping distance, and then said, 'By acting together and #StayAtHome, we can successfully combat the virus.' 


Volkswagen Final



The German company had announced in a statement, ‘At Volkswagen, we traditionally stand together in all crises and support each other. We are convinced that together we will find new ways and solutions that will enable us to overcome this crisis. Right now, it is particularly important that we follow the rules of conduct and hygiene with a lot of discipline. Stay safe – keep social distance!' Hence, the distance between the V and W in the logo.


Audi Final


Audi too released a similar message along with a video, wherein we see all four rings keeping a distance from each other with a caption: ‘Keep Your Distance’. The message was ‘Stay at home, keep your distance, stay healthy, support each other – we are in this together.’


Mcdonalds Final



The American fast-food company joins the social distancing movement by creating a gap between the two golden arches.


Kappa Sportswear Final



The Italian sportswear’s 'Omini' logo shows a man and woman leaning against each other with their backs touching. They too redesigned their logo, creating some distance between the pair, with a message: ‘Come together while we are apart’.

Nike Final


The Oregon based company has taken a different approach. Now, they didn’t redesign their iconic logo ‘Swoosh’, as that would be slightly difficult, instead, they kick-started a campaign called ‘Play Inside, Play for the World’, roping sports stars from around the world.

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