Porsche Unveils New Logo for 75th Anniversary, Could Arrive on Cars by Late 2023

The Porsche badge is among the most recognisable logos in the world. The emblem has been updated somewhat to make it seem more current as the company prepares to enter an electric age.

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Porsche has introduced a new logo in celebration of its 75th anniversary. The logo has been updated while remaining committed to the original Porsche manner. The new Porsche logo has an updated crest but otherwise looks extremely similar to the old one, so you'll need to look carefully at the images to see the changes. Porsche's new crest will debut on the 2023 Panamera, and the automaker's dealerships will adopt the new look at around the same time. Porsche says the new emblem is "instantly recognisable" and aims to unite the brand's past and future. The 356 "No.1" Roadster was the first Porsche to achieve road certification on June 8, 1948. Now, 75 years later, the locals of Zuffenhausen will throw an hour-long celebration to commemorate the anniversary, and the entire world will be able to watch it live online.

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Porsche 75th Anniversary: New Logo

Porsche New And Old Logo

The new logo is quite an enhancement over the previous one, especially with the colour scheme. The gold has been given a deeper hue. A new slimmer font and cleaner typeface have been applied to the letters. Porsche claims this gives the new logo a much more contemporary appearance while retaining its classic charm. 

The antlers, which are based on the coat of arms of the Stuttgart region, have undergone a similar treatment. The red bands now have a honeycomb pattern to represent the aerodynamic efficiency of Porsche sports cars, and they are rendered in three dimensions by the use of varying intensities of red to create a hexahedral pattern. The honeycomb's web itself is a little brighter shade than the hexagon chambers' walls.  

The city's original mascot, a horse, has been updated to be more aggressive and thoroughbred-like, and the word "Stuttgart" has been restored to its original black font above the horse.

Porsche Logo Evolution

Since 1952, Porsche has made use of the crest logo on its vehicle. There have been adjustments to the crest logo in 1954, 1963, 1973, 1994, and 2008. Porsche Classic offers all of the historic badges for both new and classic vehicles, globally, as part of their original parts catalogue. Some of them go through extensive procedures of production, as updated versions based on the original blueprints and requiring specialised equipment.

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Porsche to Show Off Its Future Sports Car

Porsche 75th Anniversary Celebration

Those who will tune in to Porsche's livestream celebration of the company's 75th anniversary on June 8 at 9:40 p.m. CEST (June 9 at 1:10 am) will be in for a treat. As part of the celebrations, the legendary German carmaker will unveil a concept of the futuristic sports car. Aside from the vague promise that it "will offer a look forward to its vision of the sportscar of the future," not much is known about the planned premiere. The use of the term "vision" suggests that this vehicle is more of a concept than a production vehicle. 

Porsche has released a number of concept vehicles under the Vision moniker in recent years. A new one? What could it be? There are multiple possible options, all of which involve electricity. A preview of the confirmed hybrid 911 or the all-electric 718 sports vehicle set to debut in 2025 is possible. 

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