Shell reveals findings of Fuel Economy Fact or Fiction survey

By Rachit Thukral | on April 24, 2015 Follow us on Autox Google News

Multinational oil and gas company Shell conducted an online survey to analyse the behaviour of 1,000 Indian drivers aged between 18-40. The results were rather shocking and revealed some of the popular myths used by Indians to save fuel.

83% of the people felt being fuel-efficient is important, however, 68% admitted they don’t know how to do so. Shell believes this leads to people following peculiar fuel saving myths, which in reality only lead to wastage of fuel.

About 69% of the people believe that warming up the engine before driving helps in saving fuel, while 49% believe that burping up the car to release air pockets in tank does the same trick.

Interestingly, whilst 86% people turn off lights at home when not required, only 59% remove the weight from boot of the vehicle to save fuel.

Commenting on the findings, Ravi Sundararajan, General Manager, Shell Retail India says: “The Shell Fuel Economy Fact or Fiction Report shows just how important saving fuel is for Indian motorists, along with the incredible ways they employ to be more fuel efficient. Some of the beliefs revealed through the study were actually wasting fuel rather than helping to conserve it. It becomes pertinent that awareness about wasteful practices is highlighted.”

With drivers looking for scientists and engineers to help them save fuel and energy in the future, Shell asked the participants of their Eco-Marathon Asia to bust some of the popular myths based on their experience at the mileage challenge.

Shell Fuel Economy Fact or Fiction Infograph

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