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Welcome to the autoX 'Best of 2023' Mega Test & Awards!

We try and gather all the machines launched in the past 12 months and pick our top-ten from the lot. This list of top-ten consists of five cars, three bikes, and two special awards that go to the fastest car/bike around our two kilometre test track. These machines are evaluated on quality, comfort, ride, handling, refinement, design, drivetrain, practicality, value-for-money, their X-factor and the lap time they set around our test track. Our jury consists of our in-house team of road-testers who have over half-a-century experience of testing cars/bikes between them. The final points are averaged to rule out any biases. We test these vehicles at a test track because it allows us to push every vehicle to its limit, revealing the inherent engineering under the skin – or lack thereof. This is true for everything from a Lamborghini to a Honda Shine.

The Jury
autoX Awards jury 2023

With arms folded, and leaning wearily against a raging bull, is our Editor-in-Chief and part-time racer, Dhruv Behl, who has the responsibility of setting the lap times for all the four-wheel contenders. His racing resume includes podiums in both rallying and racing – in everything from the Raid-de-Himalaya to the MRF Formula 1600 single-seater series.

In full leathers, and leaning against the equally menacing Ducati, is bike racer Simran King, who makes sure that every ounce of performance is squeezed out of each of the two-wheel contenders in this test. Simran is a two-time JK 1,000cc motorcycle championship winner – 2015 and 2017 – and he also finished 1st runner-up in Bahrain SBK (2018-19). Doing the hard work of crunching the numbers is our full team of experienced road testers, with over a half-century of cumulative experience evaluating cars and bikes. From right to left: Ishan Raghava, Manav Sinha, Shivank Bhatt, Karan Mathur, and Dhruv Paliwal.


As explained on previous pages, we score each machine on a range of parameters ranging from quality, comfort, ride and handling, refinement, design, practicality, value-for-money and, of course, X-factor and lap-time.

track map

The Track

Our mega-test has a new home this year – a 2-kilometer test track that belongs to the International Center for Automotive Technology.

The ICAT testing facility falls under the purview of the Ministry of Heavy Industries and as such us used for homologation testing. Apart from the track, it also features cutting-edge labs for NVH, emissions and crash testing of vehicles.For our test, the track we were using consisted of two straights connected by a steep banking at both ends, and to make thing more interesting, we also made use of a few dozen cones to mimic a chicane, slalom, and an emergency braking & accident avoidance zone. To get a uniform marker of the dynamic factors of a vehicle – power, stability, handling, and braking – each vehicle must set a lap time, which then results in a set of point being awarded on the scoring sheet. The fastest car or motorcycle to lap the circuit get a full set of points. Thereafter, points are awarded on a relative scale, based on the gap to the leading machines.


  • Citroen eC3
    Citroen eC3
    Lap Time- 01.29.9
    Total Points - 45.5
  • Tata Tiago EV
    Tata Tiago EV
    Lap Time - 01.21.3
    Total Points - 47.3
  • MG Comet EV
    MG Comet EV
    Lap Time - 01.27.7
    Total Points - 50.5
  • Mahindra Thar RWD
    Mahindra Thar RWD
    Lap Time - 01.28.3
    Total Points - 51
  • Lexus LX
    Lexus LX
    Lap Time - 01:23.5
    Total Points - 53.5
  • Toyota Hilux
    Toyota Hilux
    Lap Time - 01.20.6
    Total Points - 56.7
  • Maruti Suzuki Fronx
    Maruti Suzuki Fronx
    Lap Time - 01:16.6
    Total Points - 57.6
  • AUDI Q3
    AUDI Q3
    Lap Time - 01:13.7
    Total Points - 57.8
  • Mahindra XUV400
    Mahindra XUV400
    Lap Time - 01:14.7
    Total Points - 59.2
  • Maruti Suzuki Invicto
    Maruti Suzuki Invicto
    Lap Time - 01:19.4
    Total Points - 59.9
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Lap Time - 01:13.8
    Total Points - 60.7
  • Lexus RX
    Lexus RX
    Lap Time - 01:16.4
    Total Points - 61.2
  • Citroen C3 Aircross
    Citroen C3 Aircross
    Lap Time - 01:17.8
    Total Points - 61.3
  • BMW X1
    BMW X1
    Lap Time - 01:14.2
    Total Points - 61.5
  • Toyota Innova Hycross
    Toyota Innova Hycross
    Lap Time - 01:18.3
    Total Points - 61.6
  •  GLC
    Mercedes-Benz GLC
    Lap Time - 01:11.4
    Total Points - 62.1
  • Mercedes-Benz EQB
    Mercedes-Benz EQB
    Lap Time - 01:08.9
    Total Points - 63.1
  • Mercedes-Benz EQE
    Mercedes-Benz EQE
    Lap Time - 01:09.5
    Total Points - 63.2
  • Kia Seltos
    Kia Seltos
    Lap Time - 01:15.6
    Total Points - 63.6
  • Hyundai Verna
    Hyundai Verna
    Lap Time - 01:13.5
    Total Points - 63.9
  • Volvo C40 Recharge
    Volvo C40 Recharge
    Lap Time - 01:05.5
    Total Points - 64.1
  • Porsche Cayenne
    Porsche Cayenne
    Lap Time - 01:07.2
    Total Points - 64.1


  • Honda Shine
    Honda Shine
    Lap Time - 01.41.6
    Total Points - 56
  • Hero Xoom
    Hero Xoom
    Lap Time - 01.41.7
    Total Points - 60.5
  • RE Super Meteor 650
    RE Super Meteor 650
    Lap Time - 01.22.8
    Total Points - 64.9
  • Ultraviolette F77
    Ultraviolette F77
    Lap Time - 01.20.4
    Total Points - 65.5
  • Harley-Davidson X440
    Harley-Davidson X440
    Lap Time - 01.21.1
    Total Points - 65.6
  • TVS Apache RTR 310
    TVS Apache RTR 310
    Lap Time - 01.18.0
    Total Points - 69.5
  • Hero Karizma XMR
    Hero Karizma XMR
    Lap Time - 01.20.4
    Total Points - 69.9
  • Ducati Diavel V4
    Ducati Diavel V4
    Lap Time - 01.11.9
    Total Points - 70.1
  • Ducati DesertX
    Ducati DesertX
    Lap Time - 01.11.8
    Total Points - 72
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Each year, in the sea of cars and bikes we receive for our mega test, there is always something interesting waiting to be discovered behind the scenes!
Four of a Kind
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Role Reversal
Devil's Own...
Best of 2023: 4W
  • BMW i7
    BMW i7
    Lap Time - 1.06.0
    Total Points - 70.3
  • Hyundai IONIQ 5
    Hyundai IONIQ 5
    Lap Time - 1.10.3
    Total Points - 70.2
  • Honda Elevate
    Honda Elevate
    Lap Time - 1.15.9
    Total Points - 68
  • Hyundai Exter
    Hyundai Exter
    Lap Time - 01.19.2
    Total Points - 66.5
  • Maruti Suzuki Jimny
    Maruti Suzuki Jimny
    Lap Time - 01.24.9
    Total Points - 64.7
Best of 2023: 2W
  • Triumph Speed 400
    Triumph Speed 400
    Lap Time - 1.17.1
    Total Points - 76.1
  • KTM 390 Duke
    KTM 390 Duke
    Lap Time - 1.13.0
    Total Points - 73.6
  • Ducati Monster SP
    Ducati Monster SP
    Lap Time - 1.08.3
    Total Points - 72.3
  • Lamborghini Urus Performante
    Lamborghini Urus
    Lap Time - 1.02.3
    Total Points - 69.5
  • BMW S 1000 RR
    BMW S 1000 RR
    Lap Time - 01:02.5
    Total Points - 75
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Best of 2023 award

Awards 2023

After three full days of gruelling testing at the iCAT facility by our entire team, the winners have finally been crowned. They are – in the 4W category, the BMW i7, Hyundai Exter, Honda Elevate, Hyundai Ioniq 5 & Maruti Suzuki Jimny; in the 2W category, the Triumph Speed 400, KTM 390 Duke & Ducati Monster SP.

Meanwhile, our Performance Car of the Year is the Lamborghini Urus Performante and, rounding out the top-ten is our Performance Bike of the Year, the BMW S 1000 RR.

Interview Videos

As we crowned the top-10 vehicles of the year, trophies were handed out, and some tough questions were lobbed...

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