Alfa Romeo F1 Driver Valtteri Bottas Takes Delivery of his Stunning Mercedes-AMG One

For the 2022 season and beyond, Valtteri Bottas is driving for Alfa Romeo instead of Mercedes, where he spent the previous five years of his career. Clearly, he did not cancel his AMG One before leaving Mercedes, since the day of collection has come.

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Valtteri Bottas may be driving for Alfa Romeo this season in Formula 1, but it's evident the 'Flying Finn' is still a Mercedes person by soul, as he recently picked up the most outrageous car Mercedes-AMG has ever produced. As a professional Formula 1 driver, you get to drive a racing vehicle for a livelihood, but you also get to drive some pretty sweet business cars. Your work vehicle may be a high-end supercar if you're fortunate enough to compete for Ferrari, McLaren, or Aston Martin. Valtteri Bottas, now driving for Alfa Romeo but formerly of Mercedes where he raced with Lewis Hamilton for five years, hasn't been quite as discreet about his new vehicle, posting photos of the over $4 million Mercedes-AMG ONE on Instagram.

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Mercedes-AMG ONE

Mercedes AMG One 1

In case you forgot, the idea for  theProject One was first unveiled in September of 2017, and it wasn't until August of 2022 that actual manufacturing began. Launching the hypercar was delayed due to technical difficulties, but AMG eventually discovered a way to make the turbocharged 1.6-liter V6 engine idle at 1,200rpm, rather than the 5,000rpm required by the F1 car. The ever-increasing burden of complying with pollution laws was another annoyance.

Not many AMG Ones will ever get it to 50,000 kilometres, but when they do, the complex six-cylinder engine will need to be overhauled. It's the kind of hyper whose owners would store it in a climate-controlled garage for the foreseeable future in the hopes that its value will rise. Even though Mercedes has promised there will never be another road vehicle powered by an F1 engine, the unlikely event seems imminent.

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Mercedes-AMG ONE: Engine

Formula 1 Engine jpg

None of Mercedes' assembly plants contribute to the creation of the AMG One. The hypercar's hybrid powertrain is manufactured by the MercedesAMG High Performance Powertrains division in Brixworth, however it is hand-assembled at AMG's factory in Coventry, UK. Multimatic helped Mercedes construct the CLK GTR's indirect successor by providing the company with a specialised manufacturing facility.

Mercedes' 2015 Formula One championship-winning racing car served as influence for the vehicle's 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 hybrid engine. The AMG One's rear wheels are powered by an F1-style motor-generator and by another motor-generator integrated with the turbocharger; in addition, two additional motor-generators power the front wheels, making the vehicle all-wheel drive. The AMG One's maximum power output is 1,049bhp, but at 1695kg, it's not exactly light weight for a two-seater car.

Mercedes claims a 0-100km/h time of 2.9 seconds and a peak speed of 352km/hr. At both the Nurburgring and Monza, the One has established new production car lap records.

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