If Elon Musk had studied epidemiology, perhaps we wouldn’t be in this mess!

By Dhruv Behl | on July 7, 2020

As the pandemic continues to spread like wildfire, everyone and their next-door neighbour appear to have earned a self-taught diploma in epidemiology!

I, for one, wish I had paid more attention in biology class. I’ve since taken to YouTube for lessons on the structure of cells, and the process through which the virus enters our system and hijacks our own biology to replicate itself and ravage our bodies. 

But, while we may not be able to immediately fortify our (seemingly gullible) ACE2 receptors, what we can do is boost our overall immunity and wellbeing. And a big part of that is dealing with the stress of being locked down, with no end in sight... After all, it’s been proven that stress increases inflammation in the body, leading to hypertension and pretty much every other affliction you can think of.

So, to keep you away from the depressing (and overly dramatized) 24-hour news cycle here’s another #lockdown issue to take your mind off and inject some sense of normalcy in your life. On the cover are a couple of machines that have uniquely found favour in the Indian market. As the minivan quietly blends into the urban landscape in the West, it appears to be taking centre stage in our market – where utility and comfort often take precedence over performance and driving appeal.

But, if you want all those aspects in a single machine – comfort, practicality and performance – lo and behold, the brand-new Honda City could well tick all the right boxes. While the past few iterations of the City have tended to mask Honda’s ability to make great driver’s cars, this generation seems to have gone back to its roots of offering an enjoyable driving experience – in addition, of course, to the sensible motoring that the Japanese are known for.

But, if every day motoring is too sensible for your liking, take a look at the feature on Tesla – where we explore Musk’s plans for the next Roadster. Said plans include fitting the all-electric sports car with no less than 10 rocket thrusters to help it levitate and achieve a 0 to 100km/h acceleration time of just over a second. Yup, it’ll float and accelerate faster than an F1 car! 

Now, if there’s anyone who can pull off something as ‘ludicrous’ as this, it’s Musk. Remember, he’s the first person to send astronauts to the ISS in a private spacecraft – not to mention figure out how to get the thrusters, on which these spacecraft escape the Earth’s gravity, return safely back to Earth.

Now, if only he had studied epidemiology, maybe we would have had a fighting chance against COVID-19...

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