Aprilia SR 125 Review, First Ride

By Jared Solomon | on March 9, 2018

Who would have thought that there would come a day when Aprilias would be available to the masses of India? Well, thanks to Piaggio, the Aprilia SR 125 scooter is here.

The SR 150 was the first premium branded sports scooter in the country, and it continues to sell in pretty good numbers. Now, to increase the scooter’s accessibility and availability, Piaggio has brought in the Aprilia SR 125 scooter. I got to ride the SR 125, and I must say that this smaller-capacity avatar of the scooter is just as good as the SR 150 and lives up to the Aprilia’s brand image of being a fast, agile and beautiful bike. 

When you quickly look at the SR 125, you may not be able to notice much difference from its bigger version. However, with proper inspection, you realise the subtle changes – such as the new graphics, colour schemes and the absence of a dual-tone seat. What remains unchanged are the 14-inch alloy wheels, the analogue instrument cluster, the twin-pod headlight and the 220mm disc brake in the front. So, a few subtle changes aside, the rest of the bike design is exactly the same.

Aprilia SR 125 Disc Brake

The engine is obviously a 125cc unit, and it’s the same engine that’s used in the Vespa. The Aprilia SR 125 is now the most powerful 125cc scooter available in India. It has a healthy power output of 10.5bhp and 10.8Nm of torque. It’s also mated to the same CVT as the other scooters from Piaggio. The engine is a refined motor that does the job just fine for city use. I rode it around Mumbai for a day and was impressed with the smoothness of the engine and the initial acceleration. I even managed to touch a top speed of 120km/h – by crouching down of course – but even at that speed the engine didn’t feel stressed and remained vibration free. You will, however, need a nice stretch of empty road to reach that speed – not to mention some patience.

The riding position is upright, but the floorboard is quite cramped if you have big feet like me. The seat is cushy enough for daily city use, and the suspension offers a pretty good ride on most road surfaces. The suspension setup is a little on the stiffer side, but it’s not overdone and can absorb pretty much anything. The bike feels light and therefore handles well. In fact, I was quite impressed by its lightness and the way its brakes performed. For sudden stops, both front disc and rear drum do a pretty good job. And because the front suspension is also a bit stiff, it aids in the handling of the scooter when braking hard because it doesn’t dip down.

Aprilia SR 125 Side View

The SR 125 is also priced nicely, considering the overall quality of the scooter and given that it’s the most powerful 125cc scooter on the market. It might not be the most comfortable scooter out there, but the fact that it’s got an Aprilia badge on it and looks pretty darn cool – not to mention that it’s light on its feet – gives it plenty of novelty value. It’s obviously aimed towards younger customers, and I’m sure it’ll be another success for Piaggio. There’s one thing I would like to mention though – the SR 150 variant is only Rs.5,000 more expensive. So, if you want that extra oomph from the engine, you might as well dig into your pockets and pay that extra amount.  

  • Aprilia SR 125

Engine: 125cc / Single-cylinder

Transmission: CVT

Power: 10.5bhp @ 7,500rpm

Torque: 10.6Nm @ 6,000rpm

Price: Rs. 63,500 (Ex-Showroom, Delhi)

X-factor:Sporty, good looks, and it’s an Aprilia.

• Looks great and has a very good engine
• Cramped leg room

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