Indian Roadmaster Review: First Ride

By Jared Solomon | on June 13, 2016

There is nothing more enjoyable for a biker than to be comfortably cruising along on an open highway – and there’s nothing better on which to do that than on an Indian Roadmaster.

A sofa on wheels! That’s what I usually call big burly baggers. Or better yet, a lazyboy on wheels. That’s what these monstrous American highway cruisers look like, and that’s exactly what they feel like. You sit on the premium leather seats, which allow you to sink into them with your legs stretched out, and you recline back as your arms reach out to gracefully hold the high handlebars.
It’s almost a meditative pose akin to the lotus position.

And if riding is considered to be a form of comfortable meditation, then the Indian Roadmaster will be your greatest guide to spiritual transcendence. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also a beast. It’s the ying and yang of the motorcycle world – where pure free flowing admiration for all things aesthetically pleasing is matched with great power created by fire and violent vibrations from a massive 1,800cc V-Twin engine that will allow you to travel at speeds so fast – yet, because of the comfort, you feel as though nothing is moving at all. American-style cruising usually asks for one thing, and that’s a relaxed state of mind – and if you can achieve that, then you’ve found the art of cruising.

Indian Roadmaster Speed Meter

The Indian Roadmaster will surely help you to perfect the art of cruising, even if you’re a novice. It really is like sitting on a sofa and speeding down a road. The massive front fairing and windscreen will protect you from a hurricane (maybe). The comfort levels are just out of this world, and the engine is very torquey and super smooth. The only drawback is that it’s air-cooled, and we know that in India massive air-cooled engines spew out heat so great that it feels like dragon breath when accompanied with a Delhi summer. But barring that the Roadmaster really is the master of the road.

It’s a big bike, and it belongs on the open road – so don’t think about taking it around the city for a spin – unless you just want some attention, because you will certainly get it. The bike has a very mechanical feel to it, and that’s the way I like my motorcycles. The 6-speed gearbox makes a loud clunk every time you shift gears, and you can feel the engine through the movement of the pistons. It’s all a great feeling.

Indian Roadmaster Switch Gear

If you want to take out the Mrs for a spin, she’ll probably be even more comfortable than you – because the pillion seat is one of the best you’ll find on any motorcycle, as it comes complete with a full backrest and arm rests that are adjustable. She could even fall asleep back there, and still be perfectly safe while you cruise on. The Roadmaster also has got a music system, complete with speakers, so you can blend your highway meditative state with another spiritual healer – music. Are you planning to carry luggage? Well, you could bring almost everything you own, because it’s got two massive storage buckets on the side and it also has a trunk. Yes, it has a trunk – like a car.

The Roadmaster lives up to its name, because there really isn’t any other motorcycle that has as much capability, comfort, storage space and power. Even its handling is stupendous. The aluminium frame is nicely built, and the bike offers a perfect balance. So, once you’re on the road and cruising at a good speed, the massive 422 kilograms of dry weight will feel as light as a feather – and you can lean into curves easily. Not only does the Roadmaster perform beautifully on the road, but it’ll also make you feel like you’re the master of the road and your confidence levels will rise very fast.

There is, however, one problem though. The Roadmaster experience does come at a cost – and a very dear one at that. So, if you’re looking to get your hands on one of the greatest motorcycle highway cruisers in the world, then you might need to give up a tiny fortune – and if you can’t afford it, give up a kidney instead. It all depends on what’s more important to you – being the master of the road, or just being on the road.

Indian Roadmaster Back Three Quarter


Engine: 1,811cc / V-Twin / Air-Cooled

Transmission: 6-Speed Manual

Power: 8bhp @ 7,000rpm

Torque: 138.9Nm @ 2,500rpm

Price: Rs. 38.14 lakhs (Ex-showroom, Mumbai)

X-FACTOR: The most beautiful and comfortable highway tourer in the world.

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