TVS Jupiter Review, Test Ride

The Honda Activa has paved its way to be the undisputed king of the small-capacity automatic scooters in the Indian market. Well, better late than never, and that's the case with the TVS Jupiter. In a bid to take on the Activa, TVS has an amazing product in their lineup. Read our full review here.

By Jared Solomon | on February 1, 2014 Follow us on Autox Google News

We take a ride around the Capital to do our Jupiter – the newest scooter from TVS.

New Delhi might have some of the best, and widest, roads in the country – but, unfortunately, we also have the most number of cars by a huge margin. This leads to lots of traffic, and, most of all, to a lot of tense moments on the streets – often resulting in road rage. It’s an everyday affair to see people fight for space, and tussle over various incidents – mostly with words, but something with fists!

Experiencing this chaos proves only one thing – a good scooter is still undoubtedly the most practical way of getting around a congested city. So, when I got to do the TVS Jupiter, I was quite happy to spend a few days with it.

TVS Jupiter Speed Meter

The TVS Jupiter might not have the flamboyant design of some of the other automatic scooters in the market – even though it has an out-of-this-world name – but the thing about the TVS Jupiter is that it caters to a wide variety of customers consisting of both genders and all ages. The Jupiter also comes with some very interesting features, especially for city folk who are always on the move and depend on their scooters heavily. To start off, the two retractable bag hooks will let the rider hang up their bags with ease when they go shopping for just about anything. Then there’s also a 17 liter boot under the seat that can be used for storage, and can also accommodate a helmet. Another helpful feature is the fuel filler cap at the rear of the bike, so you don’t need to open the seat every time you have to refuel.

The TVS Jupiter also features a very comfortable seat, and the riding position is upright – with the handlebars at a perfect distance for a comfortable ride. As for the powerplant, well, the 110cc engine is very refined and pushes out 7.8bhp and 8Nm of torque – providing pretty admirable performance for a scooter of this size. The throttle is light and the response quick – so you don’t need to twist too much to get going from a standstill, but once you cross the 60km/h mark, you do you wish for some more grunt.

TVS Jupiter Fuel Tank

The suspension setup is quite good – with the front-end featuring typical telescopic suspension. The ride is smooth overall, and you can cruise over small bumps and potholes without being inconvenienced. The handling is also quite good, and the TVS Jupiter feels light and nimble – you can scythe through traffic very easily, and maneuver around the daily traffic chaos with ease. Riding the Jupiter on the streets of New Delhi meant there was never a dull moment – it can be quite enjoyable, even when you’re on the move the entire day.

TVS Jupiter Side View

  • TVS Jupiter

Engine: 109.7cc / singe-cylinder / air-cooled / OHC

Transmission: CVT

Power:7.9bhp @ 7500rpm

Torque: 8Nm @ 5500rpm

Price: 46,534 [ex-showroom Mumbai]

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