2022 Mahindra Scorpio-N: How is it similar to the XUV700?

By Dhruv Paliwal | on June 29, 2022 Follow us on Autox Google News

The Scorpio-N has reflections of the XUV700 in it and here are five features that remind us of that.


Mahindra’s latest SUV, the Scorpio-N, dials it up a notch and one specific area of upgrade is the features section. It has benefitted from the XUV700 being such a feature-loaded offering, and lot of those features are now found in the Scorpio-N. Take a look at five features that are a hand-me-down for the Scorpio-N from the XUV700.


Mahindra Scorpio-N

The seats of the Scorpio-N have a first-class feel to them, a point Mahindra is quick to highlight in the brochure. The seats are tall and wide, with ample under-thigh support. You get loads of bolstering on all sides as well, meaning you sit snug in your seats. This is true for the front seats, and for the rear-seat as well, if you get the 6-seater version. At the top-end, Mahindra is offering leather upholstery on a couple of variants. It not only looks premium, but it feels quite comfortable as well. Feels familiar? That’s because all those things hold true for the XUV700 as well.

Sony Sound system


The Scorpio-N again follows in the footsteps of the XUV700 by offering a premium Sony sound system. In the Scorpio-N, you get a 3D sound setup with a total of 12 speakers, including a dual-channel sub-woofer. The XUV700 has the same hardware, but we can’t tell you just yet, which one sounds better. You get a rich sound-experience in the Scorpio-N, no matter what kind of music you play. The speakers are capable of projecting crystal-clear voice clarity, or a dose of bass, depending on the kind of track you pick.

Powerful engines

Mahindra’s upped the ante with the kind of firepower they are offering underneath the bonnet of the Scorpio-N. It gets the 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine from the XUV700 which makes 200bhp in the Scorpio, which is more than the XUV700! The torque figure stands at 370Nm, when paired to a six-speed manual transmission. That figure rises to 380Nm when you pick the six-speed automatic transmission. The diesel engine makes 172bhp and the same 370Nm as the petrol when mated to a six-speed manual. With the automatic (again six-speed), its soars to 400Nm. There’s a slightly de-tuned version as well for the lower variants, and it makes 130bhp and 300Nm, and it can only be had with a manual transmission.

Adrenox screen

The Scorpio-N also gets the Adrenox Connect screen with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant built into it. The graphics are the same slick ones that we first saw on the XUV700, but in the Scorpio-N, the actual screen is different. It’s more like other cars where it’s built into the dash, but the user experience continues to be smooth like the XUV700.


Dual-zone climate control

A dual-zone climate control allows for two separate temperature regions inside the car. It will come in handy for those who travel with others. If your significant other doesn’t like freezing at 18 degree celsius, they can choose to turn up the temperature on their side. It definitely adds a bit of zing to the Scorpio-N as a dual zone climate control system is still considered a premium feature. A few cars get it under Rs 20 lakh now, is one of them.

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