Audi's stunning GT Concept debuts at LA Motor Show

By autoX Editorial | on November 29, 2018

Lo and behold! Audi's all-electric four-door fastback is anything but boring. 

Audi has dropped the veil on the e-tron GT Concept at the ongoing Los Angeles Motor Show. First things first, it looks gobsmacking! And the good news is, Audi will be putting this thing into production in 2020, meaning it’ll become the second all-electric vehicle from Ingolstadt, after the launch of e-tron SUV next year. Not to mention, the four-door cruiser will be going straight after the Tesla Model S with the aim to dethrone America’s most popular electric sedan.

Size wise, the e-tron GT matches the dimensions of the A7. It’s 4.96m long and 1.96m wide and dons a similar Sportback shape. At 1.38m tall, it’s however nearly 50mm lower than the A7. The whole body is made up using a combination of carbon-fibre, aluminium, and high-strength steel. Audi says this architecture has been developed in partnership with Porsche – a subtle hint that it shares components with the upcoming Taycan.  

Audi Etron GT Rear

The main draw of the GT concept has to be its styling though. It’s easily recognizable as an Audi, thanks to its faux single-frame grille, sleek LED headlamps, and massive air dams. However, there are a lot of design elements that give it a unique character. For instance, the brake cooling vents on the sides, aggressive wheel arches, and a rounded and stubby rear section are a stark difference from what we’re accustomed to seeing on modern Audis. The seamless LED rear lights, however, have a familiar resemblance to the e-tron SUV.

Underneath that stunning skin of the GT Concept, you’ll find two electric motors that churn out 582bhp. All four wheels get the drive, meaning the e-tron GT can propel from a naught to 100km/h in just 3.5 seconds. Top speed will be limited to 240km/h though. As for its range, the car’s 90kWh battery pack is good for 400km. Using an 800-volt charging system, it’ll only take 20 minutes to charge the battery pack from flat to 80 percent, claims Audi. 

Inside, the e-tron GT’s design and layout is of a typical Audi – clean and clinical. There are two large touchscreens – one for infotainment and other for climate control. The driver will have a full digital screen or Virtual Cockpit, as Audi likes to call it. Interestingly, the car comes with ‘vegan’ interior, meaning no animal-based products will be used in the upholstery.

The production version of the Audi e-tron GT will come out in 2020. We just hope the changes from concept to production version are minimal. Because, on the whole, Audi seems to have nailed the four-door electric car here!

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