Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX unveiled with a range of 1000kms

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The Vision EQXX is the most efficient Mercedes-Benz ever, thanks to cutting edge technology.

Mercedes-Benz took its time to jump into the electric vehicle space but with a full range of EQ models on offer in international markets today, including the EQA, EQB, EQC, EQE and the EQS, it has certainly made good use of that time. And now, the company has showcased the Vision EQXX — a concept that features a range of 1000kms and will set the benchmark for all-electric vehicles to come, not just in terms of its range.

Vision EQXX Badge Detail

An EV for road trips

Mercedes has emphasised that the Vision EQXX is an electric vehicle that you can actually take on long road trips, without range anxiety creeping in. With a claimed range of 1000kms, Mercedes says the Vision EQXX could take you from Berlin to Paris in one charge or, closer to home, it should allow you to cover the 949kms stretch from New Delhi to Ahmedabad.

Mercedes predicts that the average buyer in the USA would only need to charge the EQXX twice a month, while European customers will only need to charge it once a month on average!


The Vision EQXX is as sleek as they come, literally. It has a drag coefficient of just 0.17, which is lower than the current slipperiest car — the EQS (0.20). The EQXX is designed to have a very small frontal area, (even smaller than ones on Smart cars) and send the air around the car as smoothly as possible, helped by the air curtain in the bumper.

Vision EQXX Front Three Quarters Static

The EQXX’s dedication to aero efficiency is especially evident when you look at it from the side, with its teardrop shape and flowing lines. From the side, you can also spot the 20-inch forged-magnesium wheels, shod with ultra-low-rolling-resistance Bridgestone Turanza Eco tyres. 

Vision EQXX Side Profile Static

At the rear, the EQXX’s design is kept simple with an LED lightbar wrapping around the top, a neatly integrated diffuser at the bottom and bold Vision EQXX lettering in the centre.

Vision EQXX Rear Static


The interior of the Vision EQXX is familiar yet different from other Mercedes-Benz models. The steering wheel retains a similar design to the one seen on the new S-Class but it does have a cool pattern on the spokes. Similarly, the layout of the AC vents seems familiar to models like the new A-Class, but features intricate detailing and rose gold accents which are also peppered across other parts of the cabin. 

Vision EQXX Dashboard

Other than these two similarities, the rest of the interior is kept fairly simple, with the big highlight being the 47-inch 8K infotainment screen that spans the entire width of the dashboard. The screen will feature next-gen graphics and make use of artificial intelligence to deliver relevant information to the driver and passengers as and when needed.

Vision EQXX Interior Top View

The Vision EQXX also makes use of sustainable materials all around to further reduce its carbon footprint, including on the seats, carpets and even the fabric on the doors and headliner, among others.      

Vision EQXX Window Switches


Of course, one of the key factors that will help the Vision EQXX achieve that remarkable 1000-kilometre range is the battery and e-motor setup. Mercedes has not revealed the exact size for the former, but has confirmed an efficiency figure of ‘less than 10kWh per 100 kilometres.’ The 900V battery also has 50% less volume and is 30% lighter than the one found in the EQS — a substantial decrease. The entire drivetrain is also said to be very energy efficient, with 95% energy going from the battery to the wheels. For reference, Mercedes says that even the most efficient ICE-powered cars have an energy efficiency of 30%. 

The total output is a healthy 201bhp, though Mercedes hasn’t stated the number of e-motors that will be delivering this power and whether it will drive two or all four wheels.

Vision EQXX Infographic


A big highlight of the Vision EQXX is efficiency and this is not just true of the drivetrain but also of everything around it. For example, it uses a heat pump to recover the ‘waste’ heat from the drivetrain and even draws heat from the air around the car to warm up the cabin when needed. This reduces the load on the air conditioning system and will be particularly useful in colder climates.

The Vision EQXX also has 117 solar cells on the roof which are used to power equipment like the lights, infotainment system and even climate control, among others. In ideal conditions, the solar panel adds up to 25 kilometres of range to the Vision EQXX.

Even the tech on the inside has been designed to minimise energy consumption. While the 47-inch 8K display is a stunning centrepiece of the interior, it uses mini-LED technology with 3000 local dimming zones which reduce power consumption in areas of the display that aren’t in use. Similarly, the sound system on the Vision EQXX has small speakers, but ones that are placed closer to the occupants to deliver great sound without drawing a lot of power.

There’s no word on when the Vision EQXX will hit production, but Mercedes has stated that this is a ‘technology blueprint for series production’ which definitely means that a lot of what you see here will hit the roads sometime soon. How soon? Stay tuned to find out.

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