Tata Nexon Electric to feature CCS Type 2 DC fast charger

By autoX Editorial | on December 3, 2019

Tata’s Nexon EV will feature a CCS Type 2 DC fast charger that should give it a very fast charging time. Although, it should be noted that there is a severe lack of CCS Type 2 DC fast-charging stations in the country at present, owing to the high cost of investment – a single unit costs in the range of Rs 8 – 9 lakh.

Various news of the upcoming electric Tata Nexon has been doing the rounds on the internet of late, with the most recent being that it will be showcased for the first time to the public on the 17th of December, later this month. That said, little is actually known about the Tata Nexon Electric in terms of its powertrain and specifications. What we do know is that it will be powered by a lithium-ion battery pack that will offer a driving range of 250 – 300 kilometres, although it is still not clear if this is the real-world driving range or a claimed tested figure. Nonetheless, we have now learnt that the Nexon Electric will come with a CCS Type 2 DC fast charger. This is good news, as it will ensure faster charging than the GB/T Type 2 charger used by the Tata Tigor EV. For your reference, the Hyundai Kona Electric uses a CCS Type 2 50kW DC fast charger that can charge up its 39.2 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery pack in a rated 57 minutes, which is subject to a few conditions such as ambient temperature. However, at this stage, we do not know the kW rating for the Nexon EV’s battery pack.

But, considering the severe lack of DC charging stations right now, it is the AC charging options for the Nexon EV that will truly matter in terms of actual battery charging time and usability of the car.  

Other information we have about the Tata Nexon EV is that the battery pack comes with a Battery Management System (BMS) for a longer battery life. Also, it meets IP67 standards for dust and waterproofing. The battery pack will also have an 8-year warranty, but the charge cycle longevity is yet to be revealed. Again for your reference, the charge cycle lifespan of the Kona EV’s battery pack is 2,000 charge cycles.

While we await further details, stay tuned to autoX for more on the Nexon electric, which is scheduled for a market launch in early 2020.

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