Suzuki Burgman Street Review, First Ride

The Suzuki Burgman Street is the company's first maxi-scooter for the Indian market. Simply stating, there is no other scooter, or rather a maxi-scooter in the Indian market that offers the comfort and practicality of the Burgman Street. Find out more in our review.

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Suzuki intends to make a strong statement in India with the launch of their premium maxi-scooter called the Suzuki Burgman Street. We take it for a ride to see if it’s capable of making one. 

The Burgman Street is a part of Suzuki’s famous Burgman lineup of maxi-scooters, which was first introduced in 1998 and has engine capacities ranging from 125cc to 650cc. In India though, we only get the 125cc on the Suzuki Burgman Street. Apart from using the engine and chassis of the Access 125, the Burgman Street also uses components from the Suzuki Gixxer motorcycle, such as the fully-digital instrument console.

In India, the Burgman Street is also classed as a maxi-scooter, which means it’s a big scooter. But the Suzuki Burgman Street certainly doesn't seem to be big enough when you compare it with the dimensions of its closest competitors. However, when you ride, surprisingly, it does feel big and very comfortable too, but more on that later.

First things first

The Burgman gets its engine from the Suzuki Access 125, with the same power output – 8.6bhp and 10.2Nm of torque. The engine is very smooth and superbly refined, which makes the Burgman feel great to trot around town with. The acceleration is very impressive and the scooter pulls forward with ease. At 106 kilogrammes, the Burgman feels very light. It’s really a wonder how Suzuki managed to make achieve that bulky look while still keeping its weight low for the segment.

The biggest advantage the Burgman has over every other scooter in its category is its comfort and space. The seating position is very nice and the ergonomics are simple and well thought out. The seat is long and wide and the cushioning is also nice and firm. It offers comfort and will be great for long rides across urban areas, and good for pillion riders too. The floorboard is the biggest in the segment, and there’s even room for you to stretch your legs and place your feet on elevated platforms. There are also two very large storage panels under the handlebars and a big enough storage area under the seat. There’s nothing that comes close to the Burgman in terms of storage and space in the 125cc segment.

Suzuki Burgman Street Storage

Smooth Operator 

The suspension setup is quite good for urban use – it feels pliant and well-grounded on smooth tarmac, but if you encounter some broken roads, which are as frequent in India as lack of sleep in insomniacs, the suspension still has enough travel to make your ride smooth and comfortable.

Yes, the Burgman does focus specifically on space and comfort, but it also handles quite nicely. And though it looks chunky, it offers a nice and light ride. The front-end feels very loose, making it easy to manoeuvre in city traffic. The brakes are effective but they feel soft. The plus side about the brakes though is that Suzuki's combi-brake system does work nicely in all braking situations. The tyres seem a bit small, especially in respect of the large body shell of the Burgman. I think a wider rear tyre would’ve been nicer in terms of both aesthetics and handling.

Suzuki Burgman Street Design

Who will buy it?

The Burgman will certainly appeal to, and is in all likelihood aimed towards, more mature customers – those who’ve outgrown the necessity of looking good. It’s not a sporty commuter like the TVS Ntorq, and it doesn’t get any new-age technological features that will excite younger buyers. But, having said that, the Burgman really performs exceptionally well, and is plenty of fun if you want it to be. But, with all the premium upmarket feel comes a higher cost, and the Burgman is priced at ₹68,000, while the Ntorq is nearly ₹10,000 cheaper.

Suzuki Burgman Street Front View

Is it worth it?

The Suzuki Burgman Street is the only maxi-scooter available in India right now that offers you great value.

There’s no other product that offers you as much comfort, space and premium feel as the Burgman. It's the most comfortable, the most spacious and has the best storage compartments when compared to the competition, such as the Honda Grazia and the TVS NTorq. On top of all that, it certainly looks and feels premium and performs very well indeed. If you don’t want to take my word for it, then head to your nearest Suzuki dealership and test ride one today.

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