2020 Hero Glamour, Track Test

By Shivank Bhatt | on November 9, 2020

Over-optimism isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but in the case of Hero and the Glamour, it seems to have gone a bit too far. And that’s because calling a commuter workhorse glamourous sounds a little out of touch with reality to us. Having said that, Hero’s been at it since 2006, and while it’s definitely a wrong name for a budget 125cc motorcycle, the company has got the rest of the package spot on! In fact, for the past decade-and-a-half, the Glamour has been one of the best-selling 125cc motorcycles in the country, and that’s saying something!

Hero Glamour 125 Parameters

The 2020 Hero Glamour is an all-new machine – it has a new frame, new engine, and new components. It follows the same old mantra of ‘fill-it-shut-it-forget-it’, but it does the job in a more polished way. In fact, it’s not one-dimensional anymore but rather feels modern, more sophisticated and, dare we say, a little exciting to ride. Not to mention the fact that it seems to have grown up and even looks a bit premium – the design isn’t extraordinary, but it’s not as dull as the other commuters on the market. The quality and fit-and-finish do leave you wanting for more though.

The new Glamour is offered with Hero’s all-new air-cooled 125cc single-cylinder unit, which comes with fuel injection – in case you’ve forgotten, the Glamour was the first mass-market motorcycle to feature FI tech back in 2006. The engine now develops 10.7bhp and 10.6Nm, which means that it’s down on both power and torque as compared to its BS4 avatar. But, it’s 4kgs lighter than before and features a 5-speed gearbox for the first time. The refinement is impressive, while the torque spread is linear, with strong low and mid-range performance. Its crisp throttle, light clutch, and gearbox make it effortless to ride.

The engine is well complemented by its new diamond frame and uprated suspension. The setup is firmer than before, despite the fact that the suspension has more travel than its predecessor. While the ride is well damped, the handling is now sharper and the ride is more engaging than before. The icing on the cake is its fuel efficiency. Irrespective of your riding style, the Glamour will constantly return a stellar fuel economy of around 60 to 65km/l.

Overall, the Glamour may not be a breakthrough product, but it’s engineered to offer a perfect blend of style, efficiency, and performance. And don’t be deterred by its name, for, as Shakespeare once said, ‘What’s in a name?’

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