Mercedes-Benz CLS, Track Test

By Jared Solomon | on November 20, 2019

The CLS has always been a bit of an acquired taste. The first generation was simply stunning, with its coupe-like flowing, low slung silhouette. This, the third generation, may not be quite as svelte as the original CLS, but it’s still a looker. But what truly emphasises the luxury car roots of the CLS is its cabin – which is an absolutely delightful place to find yourself. It’s certainly one of the nicest cabins I’ve ever sat in.

The quality levels are simply incredible. The seats are superbly comfortable, and, the way the mood lighting works at night, it immerses you into a whole new world of luxury. Because the CLS is designed as a four-door coupe you can’t expect much room in the rear, but the front two seats are extraordinary.

Besides the ultra-luxurious interior, the CLS is also a wonderful car to drive. The refinement levels and the ride quality of the car are outstanding, and the engine is a masterpiece. The engine and transmission setup in the CLS are among the best out there.

Mercedes Benz CLS Parameters

The overall driving dynamics are actually very impressive for such a big car. In fact, the CLS was just a few tenths off the time set by the very athletic BMW 330i, which is really impressive. Mercedes has taken a big step forward in recent years, not only in terms of design and brand image but also in terms of the driving dynamics of their cars. With the CLS, we were amazed at just how agile it actually felt when pushed to the limit. 

The downside, though, is that the CLS isn’t the most practical car. And, of course, it’s by no means affordable either. If budget isn’t a concern though, and you want a machine that will not only stand out but also one that’s great to drive, the CLS could very well be the car for you. From the driver’s seat, this is certainly a very enjoyable luxury car indeed.

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