Royal Enfield Nirvik V2 Review: Best Adventure Riding Jacket in India Under Rs 20,000?

The Royal Enfield Nirvik V2 adventure riding jacket takes an already-proven formula, from the original Nirvik jacket, and cranks it to 11.

By Manav Sinha | on June 17, 2024 Follow us on Autox Google News

In the world of motorcycle riding gear in India, no other manufacturer comes even close to Royal Enfield in terms of scale and diversity of products. While they make several kinds of riding jackets, they have tried their hand at the holy grail of riding gear – the 4-season jacket. Called the Nirvik, it has now been updated, so naturally, we spent some time with it to find out how it fares.

Let me begin with a confession – I am not exactly a fan of all-season adventure jackets for the simple reason that in India – especially in Delhi, where I live – every season feels like summer, just with varying degrees of intensity. So, the Nirvik V2 had its work cut out for itself, for not only does it have to work in other seasons but also under the scorching sun of the Delhi summer. And as fate would have it, Delhi turned into an oven, recording a blistering 52 degrees Celsius during our time with this jacket. Now, in such weather, even the AC unit of a car standing still in heavy traffic struggles, so the fact that the Nirvik V2 also felt the heat wasn’t surprising at all. 

However, once on the move, things become comparatively better, for Royal Enfield has really pulled out all the stops to amp up the ventilation. With two large chest panels letting in a breeze and a massive exhaust vent at the back, the airflow in the jacket has received a serious boost. Royal Enfield has also ditched the magnetic latches of the original Nirvik, and given the fact that the front vents are much bigger now, you can tuck the flap inside the large front pocket, which is a lot more effective, to be honest. Now, it might not match the airy feel of a full mesh jacket, like the Royal Enfield Streetwind V3, but the Nirvik V2 definitely holds its own as a solid runner-up in RE’s range, which is no small feat. 

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However, when you consider the other aspects of the jacket, you immediately realise that it indeed is the best jacket in RE’s line-up. It offers an excellent fit with Velcro adjuster straps placed pretty much everywhere you’d want. Plus, it’s packed with clever details like a pocket next to the YKK zipper for mounting an action camera, side zippers at hips for comfortable seating while on the move, pre-curved arm sleeves for a relaxed arm position, waterproof inner pocket, a transparent pocket on the left sleeve for writing down emergency details, and soft fabric at the end of sleeves and around the neck to avoid chafing.
I was really impressed, however, by the fact that it offers top-notch safety. With level 2 shoulder, elbow and back armours, level 1 chest protectors, and high abrasion-resistant fabric throughout, it offers exceptional safety right out of the box, especially considering its price. And top of all this, it even comes with an external rain-liner.

Overall, the Nirvik 2 does what it claims and does it impressively – it spares no effort in delivering exceptional safety, utility, and comfort. In simple words, there’s nothing quite like it at its price point in the Indian market.

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