CES 2020: Hyundai, Hexagon & Valeo develop a high-precision vehicle positioning system

By Divyank Kushagra Bansal | on January 9, 2020

Hyundai claims that this new High-Precision Positioning (HPP) system can pinpoint a vehicle's exact location within centimetres.

At the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, Hyundai has presented a new vehicle GPS tech that can pinpoint a vehicle’s exact location while it's on the road. Now, you must be thinking that current vehicle GPS technology already does that. However, the current capability of vehicle GPS systems only allows them to approximate a vehicle's location to within a few metres. However, the new High-Precision Positioning (HPP) system do the same job with greater accuracy. It is capable of pinpointing a vehicle's exact location within centimetres. It can also be used to enhance a vehicle's active safety features. The HPP system has been developed by Hyundai, Hexagon (a global GPS tech leader), & Valeo (a renowned French OEM supplier).

The HPP system works by using Hexagon's TerraStar X technology (a correction to the GPS signal received by the vehicle through a channel of the cellular network). This is achieved using stationary receivers, therefore, their fixed position serves as a permanent reference point. For example, after an emergency braking event, the vehicle will be able to send information about the manoeuvre and its exact location, including which part of the road it’s on, to other vehicles.

Further, the new HPP system is cost-effective and can be deployed easily since the data transmission channel already exists in the partner mobile operator's network. The stationary receivers (by Hexagon) are already in place, and Hyundai has already acquired the capacity to install & integrate these communication systems.

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