Benelli TRK 502, Track Test

By Ravi Ved | on November 20, 2019

Mahavir Group chose to introduce the Benelli TrK 502 as the first product after it assumed operations as the brand’s Indian partner. It was, without doubt, an interesting move, given the increasing popularity of adventure tourers in India and the limited options in the lower-to-middle-weight space.

Coming to the motorcycle itself, we like quite a lot about it – but there are also a few niggles. The high level of refinement is easily the biggest highlight of the TrK 502. The parallel-twin motor is vibe free until 6,000rpm, which makes it quite a capable touring machine. The upright seating position, tall windscreen, and plush suspension further add to the bike’s touring abilities.

Benelli TRK 502 Parameters

On twisty roads, though, the 235kg weight of the bike doesn’t go unnoticed. On the short loop of the BIC, it felt overtly top-heavy while leaning into corners. It doesn’t quite come as a surprise, then, that the TrK 502 clocked a lap time that’s more than 4 seconds slower than the Leoncino – with which it shares an engine. 

Moreover, it’s even a bit cumbersome to ride off-road. Standing on the pegs isn’t the easiest, and the lack of low-end grunt from the motor doesn’t help either. 

Benelli has nailed the TrK in the design department. It’s quite evident that Benelli was inspired by its compatriot, but there’s no denying that it looks much larger and more intimidating than what its displacement suggests – in a good way, of course. Another huge plus for a lot of enthusiasts is surely the exhaust note. The Italian brand has always managed to build sweet-sounding exhausts, and the TrK is no different.

The TrK certainly has a few drawbacks, which simply can’t be ignored, but our biggest gripe is that it lacks that crucial spirit that makes you want to continue riding. It gives you little to complain about in terms of comfort, but it doesn’t offer that elemental level of enjoyment that makes you want to continue riding even after you’ve reached your destination. That said, it does a lot of things right and is certainly an option worth considering in the lower-to-middle-weight space. Oh, and it certainly looks the part!

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