Dylect UltraClean High-Pressure Car Washer Review

The Dylect UltraClean high-pressure washer is perfect choice for those obsessed with keeping their vehicle showroom fresh.

By Shivank Bhatt | on April 22, 2024 Follow us on Autox Google News

As automotive content creators, we always have to ensure that all the vehicles we test and review are clean and spotless every time we are driving or riding them. Now, while you lot enjoy our high-quality pictures and videos, what you might not know is the kind of effort it takes to get a car or bike sparkling clean before a shoot. Let’s just say that it’s equivalent of a 20-minute cardio workout session.

For the last couple of weeks, though, we have had it a little easier since we incorporated the services of a high-pressure car washer. Dubbed the Dylect UltraClean, our new washing companion is a 1.4kW high-pressure washer that features a 12-blade copper winding design and has IPX5 waterproofing. It weighs around 6kg, so it’s quite handy to use. What’s more, it comes with a ‘self-priming’ pressure washer, meaning it can draw water from a standing source – from a bucket, or water tank – which is a boon if you aren’t close to a water faucet. Among other highlights, you get a foam pump attachment for car shampoo, and the box also packs a 5-metre PVC hose and cable plug, which makes it easy to install the device at a safe distance from the water source.

Dylect UltraClean Pressure Washer

As for the operation and instalment, it’s an easy-peasy job. All the connectors, pump and spray gun can be connected in no time, and you can get going within seconds! What’s impressive is that the pump makes next to no noise, meaning you won’t have your neighbours launch a rant every time you are washing your vehicle. The pressure pump can push the water out at 120 bars with a 6.5l/min flow rate. It is super effective, and can easily take out all the muck from places which are otherwise inaccessible in a vehicle. And, within just a few minutes, you can have service-centre levels of car wash done right at your home. Overall, we have to say that it’s a great piece of kit, and also quite reasonably priced.

Dylect UltraClean Pressure Washer

The Dylect UltraClean is available at Rs 4,299 and can be bought from Amazon.

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