KYT NZ-Race Helmet Review: The One to Buy if You Want Top Notch Safety in a Budget

In the world of flagship helmets, the KYT NZ-Race promises unparalleled value for money. Even if it costs Rs 35,000 to buy it.

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Buying premium helmets in India can be tricky because most of them are not ISI-certified and, therefore, cannot be sold or stocked by retailers. This restriction was implemented in mid-2021. Furthermore, if you are found wearing a helmet without the ISI mark, you can face a fine of ₹1,000. Consequently, the stocks of premium helmets have pretty much depleted, and dealers are not willing to take the risk of sourcing them for customers. And this is where KYT steps in.

KYT NZ-Race Helmet Review: Why is it Special?

The KYT NZ-Race comes from a brand whose helmet is often worn by some of the fastest motorcycle racers in the world at the highest level of two-wheel racing. This includes MotoGP rider Enea Bastianini who rides for the Ducati Lenovo team. He is nicknamed ‘La Bestia’ which translates to ‘The Beast’ in English. And if you haven’t already guessed from the helmet’s graphics, it is finished in the Enea Bastianini replica colourway.

It is one of the safest helmets you can wear on the racetrack worldwide, and it also features the crucial ISI certification for India. Not only does it allow you to wear it with confidence and peace of mind, without worrying about the police and the subsequent fine, but it also eliminates the need to go through back channels to get one. And the good bits do not end.

The NZ-Race is also one of the first few helmets in the world to adhere to the latest European motorcycle testing standard – the ECE 22.06. Furthermore, the NZ-Race is an FRHPhe-01 FIM Racing homologated helmet. In simple words, you can enter almost any global racing championship and, perhaps, ride on any public road too with this helmet.

Priced at ₹35,000, it may seem steep for the uninitiated. However, it’s worth noting that other helmets with similar levels of safety can cost up to three times its price, and they may not even be available for purchase in India off the shelf because of the absence of an ISI mark (think AGV Pista GP RR).

KYT NZ-Race Helmet Review: How Good is it?

Now, let’s talk about the real-world experience of the NZ-Race. Some standout features distinguish this helmet, which may very well be the primary reason for considering it. Firstly, at about 1350 grams, it is one of the lightest helmets you can find in its safety rating category. For context, it is lighter than the AGV Pista GP RR, Arai RX-7X, Shoei X-14, and even the X-14's successor – the Shoei X-15. This means overall less neck fatigue, especially when facing wind buffeting, for you have less mass to move around.

Secondly, the eye-port size of this helmet is remarkable. The NZ-Race offers a peripheral view of 210 degrees and an incredible vertical view of 90 degrees! This makes it fantastic for both road and track use, for it allows you to see very far ahead on the track, especially when you are leaning over and looking for your corner exit point. Moreover, the high peripheral vision enhances awareness of your surroundings on the road. Additionally, the helmet features speaker cutouts, making it compatible with communication devices as well. Lastly, those who wear spectacles would appreciate the ease of wearing them, even with a balaclava on.

KYT NZ-Race Helmet Rear View

Despite its impressive features, the NZ-Race is not perfect. I found the quality of the vent covers, especially the plastic bits that drop down to cover the brow vents, to be lacking, as they have already begun to show scratches. However, this is not a deal-breaker. Plus, the helmet also offers great ventilation even at low speeds. However, the fit is not as snug as some other race helmets I have tried. With a 58cm circumference and an intermediate oval head shape, the size M helmet, recommended for my size, fit decently well, although a size small would have been a better fit.

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Despite prolonged use during the test, I didn’t experience any hot spots or pressure points. Additionally, the visor quality is top-notch. HOM Autosolutions LLP, the official distributor of KYT in India, generously included a spare visor with the helmet – the one you see in the pictures. Swapping visors is a straightforward, tool-less process. 

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KYT NZ-Race Helmet Review: Verdict

The KYT NZ-Race scores full marks in almost all departments. But when you factor in the price and compare it to its rivals, it emerges as a clear frontrunner in the race to be the best. Add to that the ISI certification and its easy availability in India, and the NZ-Race – for me, at least – stands out as a clear winner. Cheers to that with Prosecco!

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