KYT R2R Pro Helmet Review: The Best Sport Touring Helmet under Rs 20,000?

The KYT R2R Pro helmet claims to blend the best features of a racing and road helmet. Is it really the case, though? We find out.

By Shivank Bhatt | Photography Hiyan Chauhan | on May 20, 2024 Follow us on Autox Google News

Let me start this review with a disclaimer – a motorcycle helmet is one of the few things where making a compromise is not an option for me. The importance of using a good quality and safe helmet cannot be overstated, for it’s a matter of life and death, literally! And this is precisely why I refrain from using or reviewing just about any helmet that we receive in the mail. Not on this occasion, though, for the KYT R2R Pro you see here makes some solid promises. The question is – does it deliver?

My encounter with KYT began when I embarked on a quest for a new helmet to replace my five-year-old HJC RPHA 11 Pro. Now, I absolutely love my HJC – it is supremely comfortable, has top-class safety ratings, looks stunning, and, most importantly, feels like second skin every time I wear it. Naturally, the R2R Pro had big shoes to fill, but I must admit that it has managed to meet many of my expectations rather admirably.

KYT R2R Pro Review Interior

Let’s address comfort and style first. While the RPHA 11 is a full-on race helmet, the R2R is a sport touring lid – the term R2R stands for Race to Road. However, it looks stylishly sporty. With its sharp and pointy design, along with a massive spoiler at the back, it looks race-ready. I love the combination of yellow and cyan highlights on its matte shell, although I now feel I should have opted for a glossy finish for easier maintenance. In terms of comfort, I don’t have any complaints – the padding is soft and supportive. The fit is snug, and there are no pressure points even during long rides. Having said that, I have noticed that the size M I am using doesn’t fit as snugly as my HJC. After a bit of research on the internet, I found that KYT sizes tend to run a bit larger than usual, so opting for a smaller size might be worth considering.

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The biggest improvement over the HJC, for me, is in terms of vision. The KYT offers a broader and clearer field of vision, especially in the peripheral areas. And since it’s a helmet for street use, it also gets a dropdown internal sun visor, which means I no longer need to carry both my smoked and clear visors for those rides that end up in late-night returns. So, in terms of everyday useability, it’s easier to live with.

KYT Helmet 2 jpg

However, it’s not completely flawless. I found that it’s surprisingly noisy for a sport-touring helmet since there's a lot of wind noise, even at relatively moderate speeds of 80km/h. And, at 1,600gm, it's one of the heavier lids out there. Another important thing to note here is that it doesn't have a composite or fibreglass shell, it uses a relatively inferior thermoplastic construction, which might come as a deterrent to some potential buyers, especially considering its premium pricing. However, in terms of safety ratings, it’s up there with the best – it gets both ECE 22.06 and ISI certifications. Also, the fact that it comes with a Double-D Ring retention system makes it suitable for those occasional track days.

All in all, I must say that I am impressed with the KYT R2R Pro’s performance, for it offers an impeccable balance between the attributes of a racing and road helmet without compromising on safety, style, and comfort. At ₹17,500, it’s not exactly a bargain, but it’s a solid alternative to your high-end helmet without any real compromises.

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