Steelbird SBH-25 Breeze Helmet Review: Best Helmet for Summer Under Rs 2,500?

The Steelbird SBH-25 Breeze is a stylish, ISI-certified helmet that is affordable and has been designed specifically for riding in hot weather. So, can it deliver what it promises? We put it through its paces.

By Karan Mathur | Photography Hiyan Chauhan | on June 9, 2024 Follow us on Autox Google News

If you believe that a motorcycle is more than just a means of transport to get from point A to point B, you also stand by the fact that a helmet is an extension of one’s personality. Since I do as well, I found the new Steebird SBH-25 to be a rather handsome lid and wished to find out if it had the go to match the show. Factor in a price tag of Rs 2,199 and maximum ventilation being its key USP, it seemed the perfect fit to try out in these hot summer days. When we unpacked the review unit we were sent in, I found it to be even more stylish than it looked on paper. However, I admit, I might have gone a bit overboard with the Glossy Orange Neon colour I had chosen. It is bright and loud, which will be perfect for the safety and styling needs of younger riders though. Infact, the SBH-25 is available in more than 16 colour options and there should definitely be one to suit your taste. Overall, the design is quite upmarket and stylish, topped off with a build quality that is extremely satisfactory.

Steelbird SBH-25 Breeze Helmet

Diving deeper, I also noticed upon trying out the helmet that its cheek pads are quite soft. During the entire period of testing, the temperature in Delhi-NCR never dipped below 40-degrees and I must say, it is a breeze (pun intended) to use for hours-on-end without getting uncomfortable or the skin getting itchy in peak summer. From a safety standpoint, the cheek pads are thick and plush, which hold your head firmly. I had ordered a medium sized lid and it fit well but not tight. However, I seem to be on the smaller side for the medium shell size and the SBH-25's size M will fit a tad larger head even better. To add to that, it will get even looser over time with extended use. I wear a size 56-57 or size M on a regular basis and, you might want to keep that in mind while choosing a size for yourself.

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Steelbird SBH-25 Breeze Helmet

The next aspect of the SBH-25 I’d like to point out is the visor swivel mechanism which seems decently robust, but does make the visor feel a little loose when opened or closed in a rushed manner. Though, the visor does lock firmly in place with a reassuring click in the open or close position. Even the dropdown sun visor has a solid feel, opening and clicking back into place rather securely. I tested the helmet on highways with triple digit speeds on the speedometer and you can be assured that the visor won't come flying open or the sun visor coming loose at any speeds. More than that, while I would have preferred a D-ring strap despite the modest price tag, the ratchet strap locks in place well enough, too. This certainly does give me confidence that the entire helmet won't come loose or fly off in the event of an accident, either.

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Steelbird SBH-25 Breeze Helmet

From the moment you put the helmet on till the time you start riding, the SBH-25 feels light and super airy. One of the key USPs of the helmet, as I had mentioned, is the amount of ventilation it has to offer on top and the chin area. Though, only the vent at the bottom can be opened or closed. In total, you get six intake vents and six outlet vents. While the ventilation is sufficient for hot summer days, the lack of adjustability means that it would be a sore spot for winters and monsoons. In fact, even Steelbird advises on its Amazon page to not use this particular helmet in the rainy season.

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Steelbird SBH-25 Breeze Helmet

When you start riding, it'll be clear that the SBH-25 seems perfect for city use. The visor opening is extremely wide, helping you get a true 180-degree field of vision. Not just that, the lightness and ventilation also help enhance the feeling of openness. In my opinion, the helmet works best at speeds between 80-100 km/h. However, the amount of wind gushing in and hitting your eye makes it difficult to see past the 120km/h mark, akin to how it feels riding without a helmet. The helmet stays on firmly but just the amount of air rushing in will make you back off the throttle. Another downside of the rudimentary air cutouts is the occasional dust particle or exhaust soot from trucks it tends to let in. 

Steelbird SBH-25 Breeze Helmet

Though, it has to be said, the SBH-25 is one of the sturdiest I've experienced at this price point at high speeds. While I'm sure it hasn't been tested for aerodynamics, the sporty shape stands up to wind blast quite well. So to sum up, the Steelbird SBH-25 is an affordable helmet that is stylish and light, with extreme ventilation for summer riding being its key USP. Add in the sun visor feature and plush cheek pads, it feels premium too. I would just advise against using it in heavy rainfall or for your high speed thrills (which you shouldn’t be doing anyway) for safety reasons.

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