Macna Velocity Riding Jacket and Bora Riding Pants Review: Second Skin

Macna’s new riding jacket and pant, with their mesh construction, have been designed for those who don’t mind riding on hot summer days. So, exactly how cool do they keep you while keeping you safe at the same time?

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Riding in the Indian summer is definitely a tough job, and if you take your safety on a motorcycle a little seriously, you will find it quite difficult to leave home without putting on your riding gear. In Indian summers, the mesh riding gear is really the best you can get, for not only does it keep you safe but also cool. We have been using the Macna Velocity Riding Jacket (Rs 9,900) and Macna Bora Riding Pants (Rs 14,250) for some time now, and here’s what we have to say about them.

Both, the riding jacket and pants incorporate generous mesh panels, which allow for air circulation inside the gear. In the case of the pants, standing on the motorcycle's pegs further amplifies the ventilation around the legs, thereby enhancing the cooling effect.  

The riding jacket comes with two pockets near the kidneys and one inside the main zipper, which is waterproof. While we couldn’t test it in rain, the material has a similar feel to that of other brands with proven waterproofing capabilities. The pants have four zipper pockets and feature a semi-waterproof material inside, ensuring the protection of your belongings even in light rain showers.

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The riding jacket has adjustable features around the waist and cuffs. The former ensures a snug fit, while the latter gives you control over the air entering the jacket. Similarly, the pants get three levels of adjustability around the waist, knees, and feet. The waist adjustability ensures a tailored fit, even if you put on a few kilos. The knee adjustability is a two-step process, and its biggest function is to prevent excess fabric interference. If you get the right size pants, you won’t find yourself using these features often. The Velcro strips around the feet allow you to snugly enclose the bottom of the pants around your boots. While it’s not a perfect seal, it’s nice. 

The biggest highlight is that both the riding jacket and the pants get CE Level 1 protection. The former gets it for the shoulders and elbows as part of the standard package. There’s a separate back protector pocket, but you need to buy it separately. The latter, on the other hand, gets the CE level 1 protection for the knees. Plus, there is space to fit in hip protectors, but again, they are an optional extra.

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Overall, the Macna Velocity Riding Jacket and the Macna Bora Riding Pants offer good comfort at a reasonable price. However, to get the maximum protection out of them, you will have to upgrade the existing pieces of armour with optional add-ons.

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