2022 Maruti Suzuki Brezza Long Term Reports

The 2022 Maruti Suzuki Brezza is the newest entrant into our long-term fleet. Stay tuned to the autoX website for all our forthcoming monthly experience reports of the Brezza as we use the car in day-to-day conditions.

By Dhruv Paliwal | on December 10, 2022 Follow us on Autox Google News
Long-Term Report: December 2022 (End of Term)

The Brezza has been my trusted companion for over three months now, and there are reasons why I stuck with it for so long. First, it’s a comfortable car for four people. The seats are well-cushioned and comfortable, although a bit of leather upholstery would really liven things up. Second, the 1.5-litre petrol engine of the Brezza, while it may not offer the same punch as a diesel engine, is quite refined. Plus, regardless of your driving style, it stays relatively frugal, which means having a bit of fun in the Brezza doesn’t come at the expense of your wallet. The manual transmission of the Brezza with its short and mechanical throws also eggs you on to have fun. I think its manual transmission is the reason I enjoy driving the Brezza the most. The clutch is light, and I don’t miss an automatic even in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Also, the feeling of downshift rev-matching when you are slowing down for a corner is simply too wholesome.

Now, let’s move on to the practical bits. There are a bunch of handy features, such as a 360-degree camera, a head-up display, and a large nine-inch touchscreen. The Apple CarPlay in the Brezza has this weird kink wherein the navigation arrow sometimes veers off track and completely bundles up the navigation. So much so that I was forced to detach it from the cable and look at the screen of the phone. It’s not ideal. And talking about cable, smartphone connectivity for AC or AA should be wireless, period! The ride quality on the other hand is quite nice. The suspension soaks up most road surfaces, and it doesn’t matter if you are driving alone or have people onboard. Lastly, the steering of the Brezza is where the magic happens. Maruti has always had a knack for tuning the steering well. And in the Brezza, the steering has the right amount of comfort and offers the right amount of feel at the right time. So, all in all, the Brezza does get quite a few things right!


When it came: August 2022

Current odo reading: 4,516kms

Mileage this month: 714kms

Fuel efficiency: 14km/l

What’s good: Steering response

What’s not: Wireless Apple CarPlay

Long-Term Report: November 2022

Maruti Suzuki Brezza Long Term Report November 2022

With the 16th-anniversary track test in full swing, it was the Brezza that was one of the most fun cars on the track! The Brezza is such an able-handler that you almost forget it is an SUV in the first place. The platform, shared with the equally sublime S-Cross, is rock solid and feels almost European in the way that it stays planted at high speed. Surprisingly, the Brezza’s ride quality also came to the fore at the racetrack, allowing you to cut the kerbs without even feeling a bump. Even hitting one of the orange sausage kerbs doesn’t throw the Brezza off its trajectory. It is shockingly good.

Dhruv has already noted how well the 1.5-litre naturally-aspirated petrol motor performs on the road, thanks also in part to the slick five-speed manual. But as I found out for myself, that engine makes the Brezza great fun even on the racetrack. The four-cylinder unit pulls cleanly to the redline, producing a smooth, enthusing note with next to no vibrations. And the manual gearbox is the cherry on top. By the way, the Brezza also went through the same service as our long-term test Baleno and the process was exactly as smooth. Track test done, we’ll resume regular city driving next month!


When it came: August 2022

Current odo reading: 3,802kms

Mileage this month: 952kms

Fuel efficiency: 15.2km/l

What’s good: Manual gearbox, ride quality

What’s not: Nothing

Long-Term Report: October 2022

Maruti Suzuki Brezza Long Term Report October 2022

The in-cabin experience often gets overlooked, and, therefore, I want to talk about it in the Brezza’s context. Having driven it around quite a bit, I really love the noise insulation in place. The cabin is well insulated against both tyre & wind noise, and even the pesky horns are muted enough to not be a nuisance, but, all the right noises still filter through.

The touch surfaces inside the cabin feel quite premium too. The steering especially has this really nice texture, which just works in all conditions. I like the fact that the steering grip level remains unchanged, irrespective of whether your hands are a little dusty or sweaty. The gear lever has been taken from the parts bin, and it works due to its excellent shape and placement. The HUD also is a great addition to the Brezza, and while it isn’t handy inside city limits, it works well on the highway.

Now, for the negatives. First, the seats require well-padded seat covers, or they would not be able to hold you in your place around corners. The cushioning is too soft in my opinion. Second, the music system leaves you wanting more. There is no one area where it is lacking, but the general level of sound quality has massive room for improvement. To be more precise, the richness of the sound is missing, and given the price tag, you kind of expect it. My biggest gripe, however, is the absence of wireless connectivity. The Brezza really needs wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to complete its overall premium experience.


When it came: August 2022

Current odo reading: 2,850kms

Mileage this month: 1,101kms

Fuel efficiency: 14km/l

What’s good: NVH insulation

WHAT’S NOT: No wireless phone connect

Long-Term Report: September 2022 (Start of Term)

Maruti Suzuki Brezza Long Term Report September 2022

For months, my daily driver has been an automatic, and to liven things up, I have switched to a manual. Car in point, the new Maruti Suzuki Brezza with not only a manual transmission, but also a free-revving naturally aspirated inline-four petrol engine as well! It’s safe to say, I am a big fan of this combination, so not only am I going to find out how the manual Brezza works as an everyday car, but I’ll also be finding out if it can bring back some zest into my everyday drive.

In the two weeks that I have had the car, I have managed to potter around town quite a bit and also stretch the Brezza’s legs on a highway run. In the city, the manual transmission is a hoot to use. Short throws, well-defined gates, and the mechanical feel of locking a shift into place - BEAUTIFUL! Even the shifter which has been around for ages just falls to hand naturally. The clutch is its perfect partner-in-crime, light, with a well-defined friction zone. I think it’s safe to say that I am having a ball of a time shifting gears manually.

The next part of this equation is the engine. A 1.5-litre naturally aspirated petrol motor is enough to make petrolheads feel fizzy in their pants, and in most cases, this motor is exactly like that. When you are on it, the engine responds well post 2,500 – 2,800rpm. Under it, it takes some time to wake up. It pulls linearly before the limiter kicks in at 6,000rpm, and barring the last 500 – 800rpm, you have a good amount of grunt all the way. On the highway, the Brezza settles into a nice pace, although at 100km/h in fifth gear, the engine is spinning at 3,000rpm. While it doesn’t get particularly noisy at this point, you do wonder, would a sixth gear have made the Brezza a more able-cruiser? And, I think the answer to that question is – Yes!

The ride quality of the Brezza is well-balanced, although the rear tends to kick back when you go over expansion joints. The fact that I was alone in the Brezza might have also highlighted this problem more. I am yet to drive it around with a full load, and I must say, apart from its highway manners, I am also impressed by the NVH levels. More on that in the following report.


When it came: August 2022

Current odo reading: 1,749kms

Mileage this month: 599kms

Fuel efficiency: 15.5km/l

What’s good: Engine, manual transmission

What’s not: No sixth gear

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