Ford Figo Long Term Report: February 2020

By Abhishek Chaliha | on February 22, 2020

As the holidays opened up towards the end of the 2019 Calendar year, I aimed the Figo straight towards the hills of Uttarakhand. And boy was I in for a treat, progress on the two-lane canal road towards the Dehradun is generally slow. But not if you’re in the Figo diesel, for the moment a decent gap opens up, you can venture into the overtaking lane. And as the revs move past 1,800rpm you can pull off ridiculous multi-car overtakes in absolute ease as this hot hatch shoots past everything else on the road with the engine providing impressive power all the way past 4,000rpm. And an upshift is only bound to land you slap bang in the middle of the powerband. In fact, because the engine is such a powerhouse, my journey time was significantly cut down simply because I could pick-up speed so easily and move past slower traffic seamlessly without having to drive fast. My only complaint is the buzzy engine note in low to medium revs, which leads on to diesel clatter post 3,000rpm.

Nevertheless, when I reached the hills, the well balanced chassis, stiff suspension and taut steering allowed me to fully exploit the engine’s willing nature around uphill bends to once again bring a sense of harmony to my driving. The combination of this car’s performance and handling really does tend to make your drives rather effortless as you do not constantly have to over calculate your overtaking manoeuvres, for you will never be left short of power. And it’s this nature that makes it an absolute highway star!  


When it came: December 2019

Current Odo reading: 7,485kms

Mileage this month: 1,267kms

Fuel efficiency: 20.86km/l

What’s good: Performance, high-speed stability

What’s not: Loud diesel engine

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why the long term report is so short?

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Hi Jecenth, thanks for writing in. These reports are filed in our magazine, which is why there is a limited word count. That said, we run these cars for a long period of time to bring you all the information about a car's day-to-day driving.

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