Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Long Term Report: January 2021

By Jared Solomon | on January 23, 2021

It's been two months now that I have been riding the Royal Enfield Meteor. I have clocked a decent number of miles on it and there are a few things I would like to point out. The first is the more I ride the Meteor, the more I like it! It’s really a comfortable motorcycle for my long commutes to the office. The engine is meaty and the exhaust sounds great. It handles itself well on the highway and in the city, it's an easy-riding machine.

The only problem continues to be the stiff rear suspension. On bad roads, it doesn’t feel good and it’s not very easy to stand up on the bike. Another issue that I have started to notice is that the front brake is pretty weak and has also started to make a squeaky sound. There isn't much to worry about but these two problems really take away a lot from the bike. The ABS system though works very well. Still, the strong engine and comfortable seat add a lot of value to someone of my size, who spends a lot of time riding. The quality of components seems to be very good so far and there is no rattling of parts. After the first servicing, I plan to do a long road trip to see how the Meteor performs.


When it came: November 2020

Current Odo reading: 850kms

Mileage this month: 315kms

Fuel efficiency: 22km/l

What’s good: Comfort & touring

What’s not: Stiff suspension & squeaky brakes

Long Term Report: March 2021

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Long Term Report February 20211

It’s been a pretty great month for our long-term Meteor. It won the prestigious IMOTY 2021, and even better, I took it for its first proper long-distance trip. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Meteor as an everyday commuter because of its comfort and beautiful engine. Now that I finally took it for a long road trip, I like it even more. The Meteor has amazing road manners and is a wonderful laid-back cruiser. The seating position and the cushy seat really make riding down the open road a wonderful experience. As long as the roads are nice and smooth, you are guaranteed a beautiful ride. I even had my wife with me on this trip and we also carried two small bags, which meant that the fuel economy came down to 19km/l even though we were cruising at roughly 90km/h most of the time. The bike was enjoyable and comfortable for both of us. The bike handles and rides beautifully. There are some quality issues for sure though as the front brakes are very squeaky now. The right rear-view mirror has also come undone and the RE logo on the Tripper Navigation has come loose as well and rattles under the glass. There aren’t any major issues in terms of quality though as the bike still feels tough and well-built. I rode a total of 700km in three days on the beautiful backcountry highways of Rajasthan and loved every bit of it. Once the weather gets better, I will surely be taking the Meteor on a trip to the mountains.   


When it came: November 2020

Current Odo reading: 3,985kms

Mileage this month: 1,350kms

Fuel efficiency: 24km/l

What’s good: Beautiful to ride on the highway

What’s not: Squeaky front brakes

Long Term Report: April 2021

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Long Term Report April 2021

While the Meteor 350 has certainly been marketed as a small cruiser motorcycle, it certainly is a fantastic daily commuter as well. I am now about to reach the 5,000kms mark on the odometer and I have to say that the Meteor continues to grow on me. I have ridden it on all sorts of roads and conditions but I use it the most as a daily commuter. My route from my house to the office consists of broken village roads, twisty back-country roads, a national highway, and crowded city streets. It’s an hour-long ride one way, and not once have I ever complained about the ride not being comfortable. The seat is so unbelievably good and is the best I've ever experienced on a Royal Enfield. The placement of the foot pegs and handlebar also make it an easy rider. The only thing that doesn’t live up to my expectations, when it comes to comfort, is the rear suspension, which is too stiff. But even this I have overlooked because when the roads are good the bike feels fantastic. The other thing that does bother me is that the side mirrors are very poor in quality and now the brakes are also making a very loud noise. This goes to show that even though the Meteor is a well-built and tough bike, RE still needs to focus a little more on the overall quality. The 5,000kms that I have spent with the Meteor have been wonderful and I hope I can ride another 5,000 on it before RE asks me to return it.


When it came: November 2020

Current Odo reading: 4,995kms

Mileage this month: 1,050kms

Fuel efficiency: 22km/l

What's good: Engine & comfort

What's not: Loud brake noise

Long Term Report: May 2021

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Long Term Report May 2021

This month I spent a lot of time on the road travelling between Delhi and Mussoorie. I had to go there for work on multiple occasions and decided to ride the Meteor each time. I’ve already done a few road trips on the Meteor and I love the ride quality and comfort of the motorcycle. After spending a significant amount of time on the newly laid out highways between Delhi and Mussoorie, I have found out a few more things about the Meteor. First of all, the Meteor is a great highway cruiser. It’s easily manageable, has a great engine and beautiful seats for rider and pillion. Long road trips are great; however, I do feel that slightly more power and a higher top speed would make this bike unbelievable to ride on the open road. I guess we will have to wait for the 650cc version of the bike. The Meteor handled itself very well in the high mountains. It’s got enough torque, but on some steep roads it did feel like it could use some more power. After riding the bike for nearly six months now, I still think the Meteor is a fantastic bike as it has given me zero problems. It definitely is a great bike to go on long road trips.


When it came: November 2020

Current Odo reading: 6,850kms

Mileage this month: 1,950kms

Fuel efficiency: 22km/l

What's good: Engine, comfort

What's not: Loud brake noise

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I heard that after 600 km odd the engine starts to make a strange noise, is it true? and what is the top speed? thanks

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