Five Unbelievable Motorsport Series You Never Knew Existed

Auto racing is a serious sport with high stakes, but some races stand out for their sheer strangeness. Here are a few examples.

By Divyam Dubey | on May 27, 2024 Follow us on Autox Google News

Motorsport racing is a tough sport with high stakes in terms of awards, reputations, and drivers' safety, especially when they encounter dangerous situations like cars spinning out on corners. No matter whether the sport involves high-speed drives or endurance tests that last 24 hours, its gravity is undeniable. Despite this, local motorsports can vary significantly, even within a single country, similar to regional cuisine. A combination of advanced machinery, determined and ambitious racers, and big settings can create some of the most amazing motorized spectacles. There might be challenges when competing with each other, time constraints, or even nature. Here are five strange Motorsport races you might not know about.

Stadium Super-Truck Racing

Stadium Super-Truck Racing

The Stadium Super Trucks series, established by racer Robby Gordon in 2013, exhibits customised trucks with a weight of only 1300kg. These vehicles are equipped with Chevy LS V8 engines that produce more than 600bhp and have three-speed automated transmissions. Additionally, they have impressive suspension travel. As a result, trucks tilt on two wheels in corners, plunge when they brake, and lift their front ends when they accelerate. In the midst of intense competition, drivers vigorously compete for track positions, engaging in close contact and striving for dominance. 

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Red Bull Tuk It

Red Bull Tuk It Racing

Red Bull Tuk It offers a captivating combination of thrills and difficulty. Participants, including both drivers and navigators, engage in an exciting journey where enjoyment intersects with the excitement of conquering challenging hurdles. Nevertheless, in the midst of the excitement, safety concerns are sometimes neglected, resulting in collisions and unforeseen setbacks that contribute to the surge of adrenaline. In spite of the event's focus on entertainment, rough terrain poses its own set of challenges. In addition, participants are required to not only traverse the dangerous terrain but also be alert to scattered hints along the path, introducing a strategic aspect to the competition. 

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Lawn Mower Racing

Lawnmower racing is widely recognised as one of the most prominent divisions in the racing industry, and with good reason. Lawnmowers have become popular among racing enthusiasts because they're readily available and easy to use. Furthermore, it's even more exciting when two of them are directly competing. While lawnmower racing may seem fanciful, the equipment is extensively modified. Powered by a 999cc four-cylinder engine from the CBR1000RR Fireblade SP motorcycle, this vehicle has 200bhp. 

European Truck Racing Championship

The FIA European Truck Racing Championship isn't just a show, it's a highly regarded championship. These vehicles are colossal, designed to harness tremendous power in their engines. Equipped with straight 6-turbocharged diesel engines, these vehicles possess a powerful impact.

European Truck Racing Championship

The engines are limited to a displacement of 13 litres, but they produce an impressive 1,100bhp to move the large machines. Additionally, they generate an incredible 6,500Nm of torque to power the rear wheels.

Soap Box Racing

Soap Box Racing

The Red Bull Soap Box race is a highly distinctive global event in which players race down hills in custom-made carts that lack engines, all while providing amusing performances. The event's core character remains authentic since the carts maintain their simplicity, but they are now created using materials other than soap crates in contemporary times. 

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