MotoGP Jerez Test: 'We Need More Time,' Says Quartararo After Testing the New M1

Fabio Quartararo's new two-year deal has led Yamaha into a thorough M1 overhaul, targeting enhancements across chassis, aerodynamics, and electronics to boost overall performance.

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Yamaha made a big impression on everyone at the Jerez MotoGP test by introducing its eye-catching new aerodynamic package. To turn around a recent performance drop, Yamaha has been working on a whole new MotoGP bike. The new M1 was tested in Jerez for the first time in the Spanish Grand Prix. Both newcomer Alex Rins and former champion Fabio Quartararo pushed the limits of the updated bike, ultimately placing 18th and 14th, respectively, after completing 157 laps in total.
Quartararo said: "It was a long day! We had many items to test and took away a lot of information. We tested a new chassis, a new aero, some electronics as well. We gathered a lot of data but, of course, we need more time before coming to a conclusion. We will also have a private test in Mugello to get to know more. We just finished the test here, so we have to analyse all the data well before Le Mans. I think there are some positives but, naturally, there are also some things that we need more time for to make it work. But I think that maybe for Le Mans we can already start to introduce some new things."

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Alex Rins said: "For sure it was a really positive test today! We tried some items: an aeropackage, a new chassis, and we also worked on the electronics side. Fabio and I rode together for a bit, just to understand the difference. He was riding with the standard aero and I was riding with the new one, and we wanted to see the positive and negative points, just to collect information. Honestly, the new aero package is something I like. I'm riding in a good way with this aero package, but we can't have it for Le Mans just yet because the engineers need more time. But they are going to work on it. Regarding the chassis, that part I didn't like that much, so we need to work on that some more, and I'm looking forward to it."

MotoGP: Yamaha’s 2024 Performance

MotoGP Fabio Quartararo

With just 19 points collected in the first three rounds of the 2024 MotoGP season, Yamaha has had a challenging ride. Their best result so far has been eighth place at the Portuguese Grand Prix for Fabio Quartararo. 

Despite these obstacles, Yamaha's Lin Jarvis, who is leaving after 26 years, is leading the team forward. Jarvis is setting the foundation for a comeback of the once-dominant MotoGP team. Yamaha's dedication to keeping top rider Quartararo has made them the highest-paid contender in MotoGP. 

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Yamaha is actively working to improve the bike's performance, as seen by the appointment of former Ducati engineer Max Bartolini into a prominent position. Talks are also progressing to increase Yamaha's presence in 2025 by establishing a satellite squad. Even with the benefits of the concessions rule, notable improvements might not appear right once. 

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