Volkswagen Motorsport India unveils Polo RX Winter Project Car

By autoX Editorial | on March 12, 2019

This rear-engine rear-wheel drive Polo RX has been built to celebrate Volkswagen Motorsport India’s 10th anniversary

It is common knowledge that work on race machines is continual. It is no wonder that those in the motorsport scene are never resting. Ironically, they work the hardest in developing a vehicle to perfection during the winter and mid-season breaks. The story of the Volkswagen Polo RX is similar. This mean machine here has been developed by the boffins at Volkswagen Motorsport India in just three weeks. Don’t get deceived by its looks – this one isn’t just any other scooped up Polo. There’s more to it than meets the eye.

The Polo RX does look like a regular car from the outside, but underneath, it is miles apart. We have Volkswagen Motorsport India do this previously with the race Polo, but with the RX they have taken the game a step ahead. While the engine is still the same 1.8-litre TSI as the Ameo Cup car, it is now mounted at the back. In fact, the engine also sends power to the rear wheels. Yes, you’ve read that right! This, here, is a rear-engine rear-wheel drive Polo. As you’d imagine, redesigning the entire drivetrain was quite a challenge. The team at VW Motorsport India not only had to create the right mounts for the engine, transmission, and gearbox at the rear but also had to find space for the turbo motor’s intercooler. The intercooler has been installed where the fuel tank traditionally is – the latter has been moved forward. Above all, they also had to find a suitable solution to maintain constant airflow to the engine at the back.

Volkswagen Motorsport India Polo Rx M

As of now only one unit of the Polo RX has been developed. This isn’t a road legal machine but enthusiasts can use it for track days. Interested customers will need to shell out about Rs 42 lakh for the base trim of the Polo RX. The fully kitted version with carbon fibre bits can cost up to Rs 70 lakh. Volkswagen Motorsport India is currently in talks with the governing body of Indian Motorsport – FMSCI to have the Polo RX as a part of the motorsport scene in India.

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