KTM 390 Adventure 2023 Variants Explained: How to Choose the Best Model for Yourself

With its 390 Adventure range, KTM India has been rather busy lately, launching new versions at various pricing points. The 373cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine of the 390 Adventure is the same in all four variations. Which variant among these will suit you the most? We help you find out. 

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KTM, the Austria-based premium motorcycle manufacturer, just launched a high-end version of the 390 Adventure featuring spoke wheels, a suspension with adjustable preload and rebound, and a mono-shock. Given that the KTM 390 Adventure already offers a low seat height variation, a more affordable, no-frills X edition, as well as obviously the standard version, this takes the overall variant count to four. For the uninitiated, the 373cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine of the 390 Adventure is the same in all four variations, producing 43.5bhp of maximum power and 37Nm of peak torque along with a slipper clutch, six-speed gearbox, and switchable ABS. So which variant among these will suit you the most? We help you find out. 

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KTM 390 Adventure: Standard Variant

The version that has been in use for the longest is the standard one. In addition to electronic rider aids including switchable traction control, ABS modes, cornering ABS, and an up/down quick shifter, it has a TFT display with Bluetooth connectivity for call and message notifications. Moreover, it has a preload-adjustable mono-shock with 173mm travel and an open-cartridge fork with 170mm of travel. A 19-/17-inch alloy wheel configuration and Metzeler Tourance off-road tyres are also available. The bike boasts a price tag of Rs 3.39 lakh (ex-showroom).

KTM 390 Adventure: V (Low Seat Height)


The tall, 855mm seat height of the standard version 390 Adventure is one of the problems that short-heightened riders have to face. KTM has developed a new 830mm low-seat-height model in response to the needs of such riding enthusiasts, which was made feasible by the compressed suspension travel at both ends. Because of this, the ground clearance has also decreased to around 175mm, making it more similar to that of the 390 Duke. For those unaware, the 390 Adventure's V variant costs the same as a standard model and comes equipped with the same set of electronics, according to KTM.

KTM 390 Adventure: X Variant

KTM 390 Adventure X jpg

KTM just introduced the 'X' variation, extending the accessibility of the 390 Adventure lineup. The model's base variant, which costs Rs 2.81 lakh, as you might assume, excludes some of the extras that come with the standard version. Traction control and the quick shifter are also absent, and the colour TFT display is replaced with a less complicated LCD display.

However, off-road ABS is there and will help the bike slide down a mud path. This variation is ideal for individuals looking for a basic 390 Adventure since it offers the same performance and most of the capabilities as the standard model for a substantially lower price.

KTM 390 Adventure: Spoke Wheels Variant

The top-spec variation has new Continental TKC 70 tubed tyres in addition to spoke wheels (19-inch front, 17-inch rear, same as other variants) for an extra Rs 21,254 above the standard model. It is currently priced at Rs 3.6 lakh (ex-showroom). Furthermore, the WP Apex fork has a 30-step preload and rebound adjustment, and the WP Apex mono-shock has a 20-step rebound and 10-step preload adjustability (exactly like the one sold abroad). However, the 200mm ground clearance, 170mm front and rear wheel travel, and these dimensions remain the same. Also, the spoke wheel version has a unique KTM Rally Orange colour scheme to distinguish it from the other versions.

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In conclusion, the spoke wheels version is for genuine off-roaders who are aware of exactly what they want in terms of variable suspension. Meanwhile, the standard edition is ideal for individuals who need both technology and performance but enjoy quick commutes, outings, and excursions without a lot of difficult terrain.

The same holds true for riders who choose the low seat height model, however, the advantage of a more accessible seat height comes at the expense of lower ground clearance. The X variant, on the other hand, is for buyers who want all the performance but are faced with budgetary constraints and don't mind a few features not being included.

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