Honda CB500X, Track Test

By Jared Solomon | on November 18, 2021

Some of us were of the view that the Honda CB500X was, perhaps, the motorcycle to beat this year. We finally got to taste what Honda’s brilliant and much loved 500cc parallel-twin engine feels like. It is, perhaps, one of the best engines we have ever experienced, not just from Honda but also from other manufacturers. The CB500X makes you feel as if you are riding a 650cc adventure motorcycle.

The bike picks up speed pretty well, and as you switch through gears and go faster, the engine never budges or gasses out. But what really impressed us about the CB500X was the way this light-middleweight adventure motorcycle rode and handled.

It’s such a comfortable machine, and the refinement levels are out of this world. It can take on all kinds of Indian roads without breaking a sweat. And the great thing is that you will find yourself grinning while attacking corners and navigating through some twisty sections of the tarmac. It is, without a doubt, one of the most elegant handling machines available in the segment.

Apart from great riding dynamics, the CB500X also offers excellent build quality and comfort levels. You can ride the bike all day long and tour across the country without thinking twice or worrying about your back. It’s a light ADV, and almost anyone can swing a leg over it and begin adventure touring immediately.

Honda CB500X Bike Name

With only 47bhp and 43Nm of torque, you obviously can’t expect blisteringly quick acceleration, but somehow it still feels very fast. However, given the lap time it clocked at the BIC, it can’t be called very fast. There is also one other aspect that severely affects the Honda CB500X – its pricing at ₹6.88 lakh (ex-showroom). The bike scores high in almost every category, but its value for money score is incredibly low. For a 500cc motorcycle, its price point cannot be justified, even if it claims to offer the cheapest ownership costs. At its price point, the CB500X finds itself competing with bikes that offer more in terms of tech and performance. It’s a shame really because we absolutely love the CB500X.

All this also affects its X-factor score because a lot of Indian riders wouldn’t find it very desirable, especially when there are better-performing motorcycles in the same price range. Only an incredibly brand-conscious rider might look at the CB500X as an option. But hey, if you have the money to buy this brilliant machine, I am sure that you will never regret owning it. In short, the CB500X is definitely one of the best bikes to ride today – one that’s perfect for all.

  • Honda CB500X (Lap Time – 01:16.0)
QUALITY 10 8.0
DESIGN 10 7.0
X-FACTOR  15 9.0
LAP TIME 05 2.5
TOTAL 100 66.0

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