WSBK: Bimota to Partner with Kawasaki in 2025 for the Superbike World Championship

The famous Italian motorcycle brand Bimota is planning to make a WSBK comeback in 2025. They'll be racing in the Superbike World Championship on a bike with a Kawasaki engine and a Bimota chassis.

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Kawasaki will conclude its direct factory participation in the World Superbike Championship after the 2024 season wraps up. But the Japanese powerhouse isn't giving up on the championship completely. Instead, they'll be taking on a new role as an official partner to the re-energized Bimota organisation starting next year. As part of this deal, Kawasaki will send some of its KRT team members to work with the Bimota team and also give the Bimota team a Ninja-10RR engine from its current range. This partnership, which goes by the name "Bimota by Kawasaki Racing Team," shows how both brands have grown in the racing world. Kawasaki will no longer be able to compete in the title on their own, but this move shows that they are still committed and influential in the WSBK scene. Notably, Kawasaki's exit marks the end of an amazing period in WSBK history, marked by huge successes under Jonathan Rea's leadership in the middle to late 2010s. 

President and Chief Executive Officer of Kawasaki Motors, Ltd. Hiroshi Ito, shared his thoughts: “Bimota has an enviable reputation for excellence in motorcycle design and manufacture. As part of our vision for the evolution of this world-famous brand we see racing as a logical next step in terms of both product development as well as brand exposure on the global stage. Our commitment to WorldSBK is as strong as ever and we hope that this new racing project will energise fans of both Bimota and Kawasaki. The passion for race success remains and we look forward to the presence of the Bimota by Kawasaki Racing Team on the 2025 WorldSBK grid”. 

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About Bimota

2024 WSBK Kawasaki

Bimota, a well-known brand with a long history in superbike racing, is planning to make a big return to the World Superbike Championship (WSBK) next year. This is part of a plan to boost sales of its street bikes. From its beginnings in the early 1900s, Bimota has had a long and successful experience in WSBK. The last time Bimota raced in the WSBK was in 2000. The company's return is a much-anticipated return to the top motorbike racing series. 

Bimota’s COO, Pierluigi Marconi, commented: “The engineering, technology and day-to-day business support already offered by Kawasaki has put Bimota firmly back into the consciousness of the media and potential customers; now it is time to take a next step in our evolution. Bimota has had racing as part of its DNA from day one and to compete in WorldSBK alongside developing our new product range, while expanding the European and global dealer network, has an undeniable logic to it. With the unparalleled experience of the existing Kawasaki Racing Team experts plus the full support and cooperation of Kawasaki Motors, Ltd. in Japan fills us with pride and optimism. The Bimota by Kawasaki Racing Team will surely form the foundations of the next chapter in the Bimota story”.

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Following Kawasaki's acquisition of a 49.9 per cent stake in Bimota in 2019, the Japanese motorcycle giant has unveiled a series of models featuring Kawasaki engines. The Bimota-Kawasaki team will boost global recognition, highlighting craftsmanship and driving sales of Bimota street bikes.

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