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Given our busy everyday lives, driving a car can be a therapeutic experience, provided that you have the right car or, to be precise, an accomplished SUV like the Volkswagen Taigun.

The hustle and bustle of our everyday lives can inevitably make us feel burnt-out every now and then. With busy work schedules and a packed calendar, sometimes it feels like your life is slipping like sand through your fingers – the more you try to hold it together, the more it gets out of your control. So, it’s essential to occasionally take some time out to refresh your senses and replenish your mind.

It’s no secret that driving can have a therapeutic effect on our senses. Of course, some may say that getting stuck for hours in choc-a-bloc traffic is hardly soothing, and they’d be right, but it’s not the complete story – there is another side to it. If you love driving and find yourself behind the wheel of an exciting vehicle, even the most mundane journeys can transform into a therapy session.

Volkswagen Taigun 2021 Steering Wheel

There are many cars on the market that can be ‘fun’ to drive, but usually, it means some kind of compromise. However, that’s not the case anymore, especially if you’re looking to buy a mid-size do-it-all SUV – you now have a sensational and well-rounded package in the Volkswagen Taigun.

What makes us call the Taigun a complete product, you ask? Well, let us answer the question for you one step at a time.

Power to the People: TSI + DSG

Volkswagen Taigun 2021 Gear Lever

Volkswagen offers the Taigun with two engine options – a 1.0 TSI unit and a 1.5 TSI (GT variants) motor. Both the engines are available in manual and automatic versions. While the manual is a slick-shifting 6-speed gearbox, the automatic versions are equipped with Volkswagen Group’s cutting-edge and class-leading 7-speed DSG or dual-clutch automatic in the GT variants and a smooth-shifting 6-speed torque converter automatic in the 1.0-TSI version.

With 114bhp and 175Nm on tap, the Taigun 1.0 TSI offers a frugal powertrain, which will keep you entertained and thrilled in all kinds of driving conditions. But if you are a sucker for thrills and drama, the 148bhp and 250Nm producing 1.5 TSI EVO motor – especially the DSG version – will keep you smiling from ear to ear every time you get behind the wheel. In fact, with a 0 – 100km/h time of just 9.1 seconds and a top speed of 190km/h, this SUV is fast enough for you to see your worries disappear in the rear-view mirror rather quickly!

Volkswagen Taigun 2021 Infotainment Screen

What’s more, the Taigun is not just about the outright thrill of speed – in fact, its drivetrains offer effortless and responsive performance even in traffic. So, next time, when you find yourself dawdling in traffic, you won’t be able to help but love the silky power-delivery and meaty torque band of the Taigun. And when on open roads, you can use the paddle-shifters for an even more engaging driving experience. And if you belong to the old school, you can always opt for the 6-speed manual version. With its short and crisp throws and light clutch action, it will make you fall harder for the driving experience it offers.

Suffice it to say, with its superior TSI engines, coupled with either DSG or manual gearboxes, the Volkswagen Taigun offers unmatched performance and thrills all day, every day.

Hot Hatch Handling, SUV Comfort
When you choose to buy a high-riding SUV, you don’t expect to get the same taut driving dynamics of a low-slung sedan or a hatchback. However, drive the Taigun, and you’ll be blown away by its handling. Thanks to its impeccable MQB A0-IN platform, the Taigun attacks corners with the poise of a hot hatchback and dismisses imperfections of the road like a big and comfy SUV. From what we can tell, there’s absolutely no compromise in the way it rides and handles.

Volkswagen Taigun 2021 Rear Three Quarter

Since the Taigun is a Made-in-India SUV, you can immediately feel that it has been designed to tackle our bad and broken roads, which it does without breaking a sweat. But when you come across your favourite twisting sections of the road, the Taigun will treat you with its surefooted manners, direct steering, and rock-solid stability. It’s amazing how Volkswagen has managed to nail the ride-and-handling balance of the Taigun, which is most certainly one of the biggest highlights of the Taigun – something that its rivals can’t really match or deliver.

Stylish Outside, Sumptuous Inside
The first thing that draws your attention towards a vehicle is its appearance. So, it’s crucial for a vehicle to be aesthetically pleasing and timeless, for it’s a sight that would greet you every day before you start your daily hustle. As you’d expect from Volkswagen, the Taigun has been styled to satisfy modern and discerning tastes. It takes inspiration from Volkwagen’s global SUV line-up, which means that it looks like a premium, world-class product – something that consumers of this segment will appreciate.

Design elements like the 3D chrome grille, LED headlamps with integrated DRLs, and ‘Infinity’ LED taillamps, which run from edge-to-edge, are some of the bits that give the Taigun a classy and dynamic appearance. And then it has a striking colour palette, which includes stunning shades like Curcuma Yellow and Wild Cherry Red.

Volkswagen Taigun 2021 Engine

The interior of the Taigun is even more appealing, as it has been designed quite tastefully. The dual-tone interior – together with leather/leatherette seat upholstery, contrast stitching, and colour coordinated accents around the dashboard and doors – imparts a classy and sporty feel to the cabin. The cabin is sumptuous and loaded with the latest tech and creature comforts, including a 10-inch HD touchscreen display with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, an 8-inch digital instrument cluster, ventilated front seats, smart touch Climatronic AC, wireless charging, and keyless start / stop. All these bits and bobs come together beautifully to give you a break from the ruckus of the world outside.

Volkswagen Taigun 2021 Alloy Wheel

With the Taigun, Volkswagen has created a product that not just stimulates your senses with its dynamic capabilities and scintillating performance but also keeps you calm, composed, and entertained, day in and day out. It’s a product that rides high on Volkswagen’s world-class engineering prowess, but it’s tailor-made for the Indian customer. All this means that it’s brilliant to drive, both in traffic and on the highway. Also, it gives you a premium and special ownership experience, with its long list of features and cutting-edge technology. Not to mention, it has Volkswagen’s sturdy build quality – it’s built like a tank and effectively ensures the safety and well-being of occupants.

All in all, if you think that driving can be therapeutic, then the Taigun is your personal therapist – one that simply excels at its job.   

Volkswagen Taigun 2021 Front Three Quarter Motion

Volkswagen Taigun 2021 Front MotionThe Taigun doesn’t just excel on the tarmac, but it also feels at home when you take it off the beaten path, which is all thanks to its robust underpinnings.

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