TVS SmartXonnect S10X and S20X Review: Feature-Loaded Motorcycle Communication Devices at the Right Price

The world of motorcycle communication devices isn't easy to access. However, TVS Motor has introduced the S10X and S20X, which do so with high-end features and an affordable price tag.

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The packaging of a product holds significant importance, for it not only gives you the first impression of the product but also essential information about it. The TVS SmartXonnect S20X impresses in this aspect, with its vibrant design and comprehensive details, aiding customers to make an informed decision. An interesting touch is the large picture of Lamayuru, Leh, Ladakh, which is well known within the motorcycling community for its twists and turns, immediately capturing your attention as you open the lid. That said, I did expect the device to have a bit better fit and finish. But, then, for the price it demands, I would call it satisfactory. The device seems to be made of durable materials and feels solid in the hand. The controls are well-placed, and I found them quite easy to use. Along with that, the included helmet mount is easy to install and feels secure. I even tested it at speeds of up to 150km/h, with only a hint of wind buffeting. However, with a more sealed helmet the buffetting and voice clarity could be improved. The device itself can be installed quite easily, for it’s a universal fit for most helmets.

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TVS SmartXonnect S10X and S20X Review: Feel that Bass

The next bit that impressed me a lot, after it was installed and connected, was its audio quality. The speakers deliver clear and loud sounds, even at high speeds, which is particularly impressive. And the microphone performs brilliantly, effectively picking up your voice even in windy conditions. So, you no longer have to worry about missing an important phone call while riding your motorcycle.

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I've been constantly asking my friends or family members to try and recognize whether I'm in the office or out riding the motorcycle, 90 percent of the replies were constantly - "in office". That, I feel, speaks volumes about the ability of the device to drown out wind noise and deliver clear speech to whoever is on the other side of that phone call.

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The intercom system of the TVS SmartXonnect S20X, powered by JBL, truly stands out with its exceptional speakers. They offer crystal clear sound and are sure to be a hit among music lovers. Personally, I enjoy a mix of old-school rock and hip-hop, and I found that they cater perfectly to my taste. However, you do have to find the perfect placement of the speakers to be able to enjoy the best sound. You do get two sets of spacers in the box to help you get the speaker position for a customized fit. Apart from the audio quality, the device’s easily-operated buttons are a delight to use – there are just three and they efficiently serve their purpose.

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Another interesting touch is the Audioweave technology, which allows you to switch between music and talking to your friends. Of course, the system is not perfect, and it does have its flaws. For instance, it lacks the feature for adjusting the volume of your ringtone, which can catch you off guard at times. Another problem is the volume adjustment mechanism – you have to push it hard and long to adjust the volume levels, which can be cumbersome. 

TVS Smart Xonnect S10X and S20X Review: More to Like

Another impressive aspect of the TVS SmartXonnect S20X is its long-ish battery life. During my daily usage, I was able to get up to 8 – 8.5 hours of talk time on a single charge. The controls are intuitive and easy to find, even while wearing gloves. However, the device does tend to drown out its battery if left unused. The aforementioned single-charge usage time is based on a constant-use basis. The S20X is also IP67 certified, which means you don’t have to worry about rain or the dusty conditions of our roads either. Now, I would refrain from making any further judgements about the long-term useability of the device. That said, we have tested it in peak traffic conditions under heavy downpours, and it continued to function well.

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Another feature that will come in handy for those who prefer group rides over going solo is the Ride Grid mesh intercom system. This is the main difference between the TVS Smart Xonnect S10X and S20X. While the former only gets a Bluetooth system in order to link up with other riders in the group, the SmartXonnect S20X features a mesh system. This nifty feature allows up to 20 riders to be connected to the same mesh communication grid without the headache of reconnection if one rider falls away from the group.

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When using only Bluetooth communication devices and as long as the other riders are within range, the leader will utilize their smartphone to establish a connection with the next closest rider. The chain will then be passed from the second rider to the rider who is closest to them, and so on, until every rider is attached to the same chain. However, when you use a mesh grid system, every rider in the group is connected to each other, like a mesh, rather than being chained together. Each has the ability to establish their own direct connection to other riders in the group. The thread will continue as more riders log in and connect their equipment.

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TVS SmartXonnect S10X and S20X Review: Verdict

Overall, I was happily surprised with the TVS SmartXonnect S20X. Its easy to set up, gets well-placed controls, good audio quality, and a decent battery life; making it a reliable and valuable motorcycle communication device. However, I must add that it does have a few niggles. For instance, the not-so-best quality, confusing to set up mesh-based intercom system, volume adjustment control, and price, which is still a bit high for many in the country. However, despite these minor issues, it still offers good value for money. When it comes to pricing, the TVS Racing SmartXonnect S20X is available at a price of Rs 10,999 and the TVS Racing SmartXonnect S10X can be yours for a price of Rs 8,999.

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