2021 Royal Enfield Classic 350 Long Term Reports

Since the weather was perfect for riding, Jared took our RE Classic 350 on some wonderful weekend rides. With nearly 1,200kms now completed, the bike needs to go for its first servicing now.

By Jared Solomon | on December 21, 2021 Follow us on Autox Google News
Long Term Report: December 2021

Since the weather was perfect for riding, I took our RE Classic 350 on some wonderful weekend rides. With nearly 1,200kms now completed, the bike needs to go for its first servicing now, but it’s still running without any problems. If I ignore the flappy rear-view mirrors and the slightly screechy brakes, everything else about the Classic 350 is pure joy. The retro feel of the bike has certainly grown on me, and I must admit that the chrome and red paint combo is simply fantastic. Riding on the highway is also more enjoyable than I previously felt. Even though I prefer faster and nimbler bikes for touring, there is just something so calm and soothing about riding this modern-day Royal Enfield. I guess the seating position is really comfortable, as the ergonomics and comfort levels of the bike have really improved now. Living with the new Royal Enfield Classic 350 has been a pleasurable experience so far, and I think it’s because of its simplicity and authenticity that I have become fond of it. I like the heavy feel, the engine thump, and the way it coasts over the tarmac. RE has really done a solid job with the new Classic, and as an everyday rider, I have zero complaints so far. 


When it came: October 2021

Current odo reading: 1,221kms

Mileage this month: 356kms

Fuel efficiency: 23.7km/l

What’s good: Retro looks, seating

What’s not: Noisy brakes

Long Term Report: November 2021

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Long Term Report November 2021

Before our jury round at the BIC started, we had already gotten the Royal Enfield Classic 350 into our long-term fleet. I had traded in my trusty and super comfortable Meteor 350 for the new Classic 350 and I really can’t complain. You must have already read about our Best Of 2021 Awards and seen that the Classic 350 is indeed one of the winners. It really came as no surprise to me. The Classic 350 is one of the most popular Royal Enfield products ever built and over its nearly 10-year run, the previous generation sold millions across the world. The new Classic is a brand-new bike and shares the same platform as the Meteor. This means that the overall build quality has significantly improved in certain areas and it gets a brand-new frame and engine. The 350cc single-cylinder unit is truly a beautiful power mill and it is such a delight to ride in the city. Apart from the beautiful classic styled detailing of the bike, the engine also offers you the best of both worlds as it still has the trademark old-school thump but at the same time delivers modern-day performance and refinement. That’s the beauty of the Classic 350. Its old-world heritage charm really offers you a wonderful and pure motorcycle experience.

Living with the Classic 350 has been pretty fun for me. My daily 60km commute from my home to the office and back is made that much more enjoyable because the Classic offers a wonderful riding experience. The Classic isn’t as comfortable as the Meteor, but the ergonomics are still spot-on for easy everyday use. The bike’s handling has also improved significantly and it’s pretty fun to ride around town. The overall ride quality is very good and you and feel that the bike feels stable at all times. The only new tech the Classic gets is ABS, otherwise, it stays a proper classic without any electronic aids. There is also Tripper Navigation available as an option but that is something that I will never use. There is still the one problem that I find very annoying about all RE motorbikes and that is the quality of the rear-view mirrors. They always come loose and it’s a real pain to constantly fix them right in the middle of your ride. Other than that, the bike is pretty faultless. I have had the bike for a month now and only used it as my office commuter, but no complaints at all, so far.


When it came: October 2021

Current odo reading: 865kms

Mileage this month: 540kms

Fuel efficiency: 25km/l

What’s good: Design, engine

What’s not: Poor-quality mirrors

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