F1 Emilia Romagna GP: Imola GP to Feature Revised Qualifying Rules

For the qualifying round during the Formula 1 weekend, drivers may currently use whatever tyre composition they choose, however most often choose Soft rubber because of the immediate grip it provides.

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In addition to debuting a new tyre specification, Formula One will adopt a new qualifying procedure this weekend in Imola. Even though this weekend's Formula One race isn't in Sprint style, the qualifying process on Saturday will be handled differently than usual. The grid for Sunday's Emilia Romagna Grand Prix will be determined by the traditional Q1, Q2, and Q3 sessions, although it was just announced that a regulation modification has been put in place for the crucial qualifying hour. The current format of Qualifying allows drivers to choose whichever tyre compound they want throughout each session, however, most often choose Soft rubber because of the high grip it gives. After Pirelli has had an opportunity to review the collected data, this qualifying format will be utilised for a second time later in the 2023 season, and it may be used for further races in 2024.

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What Will be New in Qualifying? 

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In each qualifying session, drivers will be required to use a certain tyre compound rather than being able to choose their own. The drivers will be required to use the white-walled Hard tyres in Q1, and the yellow-walled Medium tyres in Q2 if they make it that far.

Those ten drivers that advance to the pole position shootout will get to try out the Soft tyres. Qualifying will continue to consist of 18-15-12-minute blocks. In addition, each driver will have access to 11 rather than 13 pairs of dry-weather tyres during the weekend.

This is so that Pirelli can bring fewer sets of tyres to the Grand Prix, saving a significant amount of fuel and reducing the number of cars that need to be transported.

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Other Changes

McLaren MCL60

In addition, a completely new specification of full Wet tyre has been introduced. This tyre may be used on the track immediately after being put on without first being warmed up in a tyre warmer.

With persistent worries about the feasibility of manufacturing tyres that can handle significantly greater temperature and pressure changes, F1 has not yet concluded its plan to completely phase out the usage of tyre blankets for all tyre compositions. Before July 31st, the F1 Commission will decide on whether or not to allow the usage of tyre warmers in 2024.


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