F1: General Motors Registers as Engine Manufacturer, Poised to Craft Andretti's Power Unit from 2028

General Motors has officially declared its entry into Formula 1 as a Power Unit supplier, set to debut in the 2028 season under the renowned Cadillac brand. GM joins Red Bull-Ford, Ferrari, Honda, Mercedes, Renault, and Audi as the league's seventh major player.

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General Motors (GM), the renowned Detroit automaker behind influential brands such as Chevrolet, GMC, and Cadillac, has officially filed a registration with Formula One's governing body, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) to supply power units for the proposed Andretti Cadillac F1 team starting in 2028. General Motors (GM), a prominent participant in the automotive sector, is strategically aligned with the forthcoming technological requirements that are expected to be introduced in Formula 1 starting in 2026.

Andretti, seeking to become the 11th team in F1, has successfully garnered approval from the FIA, paving the way for GM's entry into the world of Formula 1. While Andretti goes through the formalities of formalising its involvement in racing, GM's move to become a PU manufacturer indicates that it intends to have a big impact on the grid.

While Andretti waits for a decision from Formula One Management (FOM), it is met with opposition from the ten existing teams who fear losing commercial revenue and being thrown off balance by the addition of a new team. As a result of this strategy shift, Andretti is now in a strong position to respond to the ever-changing Formula 1 landscape.

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F1: When will Andretti be joining the Formula 1 grid?

The FIA has given Andretti the green light to join Formula One, but the series' governing body, FOM, has the final say. The ten current teams are very opposed to the new F1 team because of their worries about a drop in commercial revenue and the disruptive impact of competition. It is expected that Andretti and GM executives will be present at this weekend's first-ever Las Vegas Grand Prix in an effort to push FOM for clearance. The new group anticipates a possible arrival in 2025 or 2026. Since General Motors aims to join Formula One as an engine supplier in 2028, Andretti will need to finalise an agreement with Alpine.

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According to the source, General Motors has already begun developing and testing "prototype technology," with the hope of using Formula 1 as a springboard to learn more about electrification, hybridization, sustainable fuels, high-efficiency internal combustion engines, and software. However, if Andretti fails to gain the green light from FOM, GM may reconsider its F1 commitment.

By delaying their entry until 2028, GM will have plenty of time to perfect their prototype, which will be a year or two behind the other six manufacturers' efforts. The project's success, however, depends on GM's ability to recruit top people in the face of a growing skills gap in the powertrain design engineering industry.

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F1: Will the FOM Allow Andretti to Join the Grid?

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GM had previously teamed up with Andretti to christen their future F1 entry as the Andretti Cadillac in an effort to emphasise its American identity and capitalise on its rising popularity in the United States. The registration of General Motors with the FIA as a Formula 1 powertrain manufacturer for 2028 represents the clearing of a major hurdle and the mitigation of a major criticism levelled against Andretti's planned participation.

While General Motors' promise to build a powerplant appears to bolster Andretti's case for entry, convincing FOM and the other teams of their worth remains challenging despite their joint efforts.

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