F1: Kimi Raikkonen Driven McLaren MP4/21 to be Auctioned at Yas Marina Circuit on November 25

Kimi Raikkonen is a legendary personality in Formula One racing. He earned the nickname "Ice Man" due to his no-nonsense demeanour. Bonhams Cars just revealed that the legendary MP4-21 that Raikkonen ditched at Monaco in 2006 after its heat shield caught fire will be sold at auction.

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Kimi Raikkonen's infamous "abandoned" McLaren MP4/21 from the 2006 Monaco Grand Prix is now up for grabs. The British team fielded Raikkonen and Juan Pablo Montoya in its needle-nosed MP4/21, which was designed under Adrian Newey's technical direction, and the Finn did not disappoint, finishing on the podium in the season-opening race in Bahrain despite having qualified 22nd and last. Bonhams Motoring will oversee this auction event. Significantly, the collaboration between Bonhams Motoring and Formula 1 has established the former as the designated auction partner of the Formula 1 Paddock Club. The auction has been scheduled to occur on November 25, 2023, inside the Formula grid situated at the Yas Marina Circuit located in Abu Dhabi. This model is expected to cost between USD 2,500,000 (Rs 20.86 crore) and USD 3,500,000 (Rs 29.20 crore).

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Car Specifics for the McLaren MP4/21

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The design of the McLaren MP4/21 may be attributed to a group of engineers, including Adrian Newey, Paddy Lowe, Tim Goss, Mike Coughlan, and Peter Prodromou, who together contributed their expertise and knowledge to its development. Following the MP4-20 from the previous season, the MP4-21 underwent a significant makeover, with about 90 per cent of its 11,500 components being modified. This racing machine's 2.4-litre V8 naturally aspirated Mercedes-Benz FO108S engine is its beating heart, producing 750bhp and tipping the scales at around 605 kg. The MP4-21 ran on regular unleaded Mobil fuel.

The McLaren MP4/21 made its debut in the 2006 Bahrain Grand Prix, showcasing its formidable performance and establishing a dominant presence on the racing circuit. The culmination of its racing career occurred in the Brazilian Grand Prix in the 2006 Formula One season, providing a fitting end to its adventure. As the scheduled auction date approaches, there is a mounting sense of suspense over the impending moment when the auctioneer's gavel will descend, ultimately choosing the individual who will assume ownership of this significant artefact within the world of racing history. 

The MP4/21 served as the final McLaren vehicle driven by Raikkonen, who departed from the team after the conclusion of the 2006 season in order to join Ferrari. This strategic decision ultimately propelled him to secure the driver's championship in 2007.

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McLaren MP4/21: Kimi Raikkonen's Famous Moment at Monoco 

One of Raikkonen's most notorious events, which occurred during the 2006 Monaco Grand Prix, cemented his reputation as a guy who was recognised more for his deeds than his words. Once Raikkonen retired, he didn't return to the team garage but instead sailed out to the neighbouring port to board his own boat. In contrast to the usual post-race schedule of driver interviews and team debriefs, Raikkonen spent his time after the Monaco race relaxing with a few drinks and soaking in the hot tub.

During the course of the race, the heat shield of the Finnish driver's vehicle became engulfed in flames, subsequently causing damage to the car's electrical system and resulting in a loss of power to the engine. At the end of the Portier turn, Raikkonen elected to stop on his own boat and relax in his hot tub while watching the race on television.

Chassis '02' of the MP4/21 was used in a total of eight races, resulting in Kimi Raikkonen securing a fifth-place position in the Drivers' standings for that year, surpassing his teammate Juan Pablo Montoya.


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