F1: Red Bull Takes a Dig at Lando Norris Amid McLaren, Monster Energy's Team-Up Spectacle

Coinciding with the announcement of a new partnership between the Woking team and Monster Energy, Red Bull took to social media to poke fun at McLaren's Lando Norris, as seen downing a Red Bull.

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Monster Energy, an internationally famous energy drink company, and McLaren have just announced a multi-year partnership. Notably, ever since the German manufacturer Mercedes returned to Formula 1 racing in 2010, Monster Energy has kept a long-term partnership with the team. As part of their strategic alliance with McLaren, Monster Energy's branding will be prominently displayed on Lando Norris's and Oscar Piastri's racing helmets, suits, caps, and drink bottles.

It's important to mention that McLaren already has another long-standing and highly successful team connection with Coca-Cola. Although Monster Energy has been there for a while in Formula 1, it still hasn't made it to the same level of stardom as Red Bull, its main rival in the energy drink industry.

This partnership with McLaren follows Monster Energy's incredible comeback season when the brand went from near the bottom of the standings to regular podium contenders. The increasing impact and prosperity of Monster Energy in the Formula 1 scene is highlighted by this development.

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F1: Red Bull Pokes McLaren’s Lando Norris

Red Bull Racing made a little Instagram joke about Lando Norris, following their historic achievement of winning the team's first-ever 1-2 Driver Championship. In the video that was posted, Norris can be seen drinking a Red Bull in a casual manner: "DW @landonorris, we’ll always have your back in your moment of need #givesyouwings."

This lighthearted joke was made soon after McLaren announced a "multi-year" partnership with Monster Energy, an energy drink competitor to Red Bull.

Norris was instrumental in McLaren's recent Formula 1 success, helping the team earn fourth place in the constructors' championship. Despite enduring difficulties like worn tyres and a slow pit stop at the last Abu Dhabi Grand Prix of the season, Norris's outstanding early pace and McLaren's successful upgrades earlier in the season were justly praised.

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F1: McLaren’s Turn Around in 2023

F1 McLaren MCL60 1

The 2023 Formula One season got off to a slow start for McLaren, as the team failed to meet its winter development goals and neither driver was able to earn any points in the opening two races. But things started to change when Red Bull released a three-stage car upgrade at the Austrian Grand Prix, and McLaren quickly rose to second place, just behind the unstoppable constructors' champions.

After the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Lando Norris finished fifth in the individual standings, only one point short of securing fourth position in the drivers' championship. McLaren's performance was commendable, though.

Norris, who is hell-bent on winning his first Grand Prix, has stressed the need to improve his racecraft in general. He had lofty goals beyond just reaching certain personal milestones, including winning races and championships. Fans are eagerly awaiting Norris's first victory after witnessing his incredible rise from midfield driver to constant podium challenger this year. An air of mystery surrounds Norris's promising voyage as the exact date of his ascent to the top step of the podium is still up in the air.

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