F1: McLaren to Get First Upgrade at Upcoming Miami Grand Prix

The Woking outfit is aiming to keep its positive mindset and continue its development trajectory with the upcoming Miami upgrades, following Lando Norris' second-place performance at the Chinese Grand Prix.

By Divyam Dubey | on April 23, 2024 Follow us on Autox Google News

McLaren is getting ready to show off a bunch of big upgrades at the upcoming Miami Grand Prix in an effort to beat Red Bull, which is currently leading the 2024 season. With the sixth round coming up, everyone is getting more and more excited for another exciting sprint weekend. Following Lando Norris's impressive showing in China, where he earned a well-deserved second place, McLaren is determined to keep going in the right direction. Since the middle of 2023, McLaren has made a lot of progress, with a clear upward trend driven by a number of important changes. Even though these improvements are great, they still haven't been able to catch up to teams like Red Bull and Ferrari, which have been very fast all season. In the Papaya camp, the excitement is obvious as McLaren gets ready to show off their newest upgrades in Miami.

F1: The MCL38's Struggles

F1 McLaren MCl38

The MCL38 and RB20 had a gap of about three-tenths during the first two qualifying rounds of the season. This difference shows up mostly around slow corners. When the new regulation came out in 2022, McLaren switched to front pull-rod suspension, the same as Red Bull. Unfortunately, even after years of tweaking and improving, technical problems still happen, especially when turning sharply.

In spite of what most people think, McLaren's design theory isn't just based on copying Red Bull. Still, there are some important things that most of the cars on the grid have in common. 

While the details of these upgrades are still unknown, it is thought that they may have to do with improving the floor, which is a key part of creating the most downforce. Since the sprint weekend is coming up quickly, there isn't much time for testing these upgrades by the woking-based tea. 

Still, McLaren fans can take comfort in the fact that the team has a history of being able to adapt to changing conditions in Formula 1. Their track record shows that they are very aware of how the sport is always changing, which gives us faith that the upcoming upgrades will be carefully designed to give us a competitive edge. 

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