F1: Mercedes Reveals Upgrade Plans for it's Brackley's Formula 1 Campus

Construction of new marketing buildings, leisure facilities, and eating outlets are just some of the ways Mercedes plans to spend around £70 million on its infrastructure and staff.

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Mercedes recently announced that it would undertake a massive overhaul of its Brackley Formula 1 facility. There will be an investment of almost £70 million to implement the objectives. By the year 2025, the new campus should be fully operational. The new campus will include both recreational and commercial structures, as well as office space. Mercedes has thirty separate initiatives underway to upgrade the facility. The firm has invested £40 million so far, with another £30 million reserved for future stages. The team believes that the secret to sustained success in Formula One is an investment in its employees and in the workplace. Mercedes intends to make a large investment in its infrastructure and workforce, including the construction of new marketing buildings, recreational facilities, and dining establishments. The Brackley facility has been home to the Silver Arrows since the team's comeback to the grid in 2010, although the building has a far longer history.

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F1: Mercedes is upgrading its Brackley facility

Since 2017, Mercedes has completed 30 separate projects to revamp their factory's design and manufacturing facilities. Now, they're aiming towards an extended "Silicon Valley-style" parkland site, complete with cutting-edge office buildings, cafeterias, and fitness centres. The team's Net Zero goals serve as the inspiration for the designs, which call for the use of entirely renewable energy from both on- and off-site sources and include the installation of a solar array on top of a newly relocated parking lot that will turn the whole campus into a pedestrian zone.

The remodelled Mercedes headquarters will be more resource-conserving in other ways as well. The company's employees want to cut water usage per worker by half and recycle more than 60% of their workplace garbage. The company plans to spend £30 million in the next stage of development after purchasing the Brackley property entirely in 2022.

A new Health and Wellbeing Centre, a gateway Marketing Building at the site's entrance, and a brand-new parking structure, with some spaces shared with Brackley Town Football Club, are all part of the plans for the campus's expansion.

This will allow for an almost "car-free" atmosphere on campus and enhance matchday experiences for locals. Mercedes will install its own renewable energy infrastructure inside the parking structure, allowing for the charging of over 70 electric cars.

F1: Mercedes W14 Monaco Grand Prix Upgrade

Formula 1 Mercedes W14

Mercedes is getting ready to roll out a series of improvements for the W14 during the Monaco Grand Prix in order to fight with Red Bull, Aston Martin, and Ferrari. The upgrades were supposed to be finished in time for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, but F1 was forced to postpone the event when terrible flooding ravaged the region. 

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The challenging nature of Monaco's street circuit makes it an unsuitable location for beta testing cutting-edge innovations. The low speeds and tight curves of the street circuit make accurate measurements of aerodynamic performance challenging.

Despite the potential fallout from releasing the updated model in Monaco, Mercedes has opted to go on. This conclusion is the result of many factors. The crew is hoping that its changes to the sidepods, floor, and front suspension will provide significant performance improvements.

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