F1 Scraps LED Wheel Cover Plan for 2024

Even with the technological advancements, the possibility for the LED systems to add unnecessary weight to a crucial region of the Formula 1 vehicle caused a lot of concern among the teams and drivers.

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LED wheel covers, which would allow vehicles to show more information to spectators during a Formula 1 race, have been discussed for a while. In the hopes that they will assist spectators follow the action during practice and the race, McLaren tested out an LED light system on their vehicles as early as the 2021 postseason test in Abu Dhabi. At their most recent F1 Commission meeting, members decided to scrap the LED wheel covers. The rule outlining the prospective use of LED systems has been removed from the updated technical rules for 2024. The coverings were mandated "in order to provide visual information to the spectators," as the rule puts it. As a result of this decision, Formula 1 may shift its attention to other potential areas of development for the sport and its audience.

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Problems with LED Wheel Covers 

The original Article 8.18 stated that the FIA may require a revolving LED display panel to be installed on each of the four-wheel covers indicated in Article 3.13.7 to convey visual information to spectators. The elimination of this regulation effectively forbids the use of LED systems in the foreseeable future.

The possibility of additional weight in a crucial region of the vehicle was a major worry when considering LED systems. The change from 13-inch to 18-inch wheels resulted in a considerable weight gain, with the front wheels becoming 2.5kg heavier and the rear wheels increasing by 3kg.

Even though many teams were already having trouble getting their vehicles under the minimal weight restriction, the addition of extra weight from LED systems would only make matters worse. Therefore, teams were not enthusiastic about the prospect of carrying around more mass as a consequence of the LED systems.

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Although LED technology has advanced, LED wheel coverings are no longer allowed since they provide no competitive benefit to the sport and would be counterproductive to the teams who use them.

If they had been allowed to be used, the FIA would have changed the required vehicle weight to account for them. While wider wheel sizes were adopted last year, some drivers have complained that their vehicles are becoming too heavy.


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